A Branding & Advertising Agency Unifies the Customer Experience with Sales Cloud

With Sales Cloud, a company in the Media & Entertainment Industry improves their processes for managing leads and client projects.

The Challenges

Our client in the Media & Entertainment Industry was struggling to create a unified sales process, including improving their systems for managing leads and client projects. As a full-service branding and advertising agency, our client needed to streamline their business processes and was tired of working from separate systems. A large degree of our client’s work relied on manual processes and their accounting and project management systems were not fully integrated. Working from separate systems made it difficult for our client’s team members to collaborate and was costing our client valuable time and money. 

The Solution 

We introduced our client to the Salesforce ecosystem by implementing Sales Cloud. The beauty of the Salesforce platform is that it provides companies with a single source of truth for managing customer data, which is exactly what our client was looking for after working from multiple systems. Salesforce allows end-users to create unified customer views across multiple business segments, which helps organizations create a more personalized customer experience.

To streamline lead management, we incorporated Web-to-Lead, which allows leads to seamlessly flow from our client’s website into Salesforce. Web-to-Lead helps our client turn website visitors into new leads, which our client’s sales and marketing teams can then nurture into loyal customers. We also incorporated a Lead-to-Revenue (opportunity) process that allows for pipeline visibility and tracking metrics. 

To improve how our client manages projects, we installed Mission Control, a native third-party app that integrates with Salesforce. Mission Control handles all of our client’s project management processes such as tracking services provided, project timelines and milestones achieved, billing rates for the project team as well as the client, and P&L forecasting. The biggest advantage of integrating Mission Control with Salesforce is that the end-to-end sales and project delivery lifecycle can be managed all in one place.

Customer Impact

By implementing Sales Cloud, our client now has a 360-degree view of their customers from a single platform. Sales Cloud saves our client’s end-users time, energy, and money by centralizing their business process in one application. Working from a single platform has improved team collaboration and communication. Instead of wasting time working in separate systems, our client now has an accurate and real-time depiction of the prospect-to-client-to-project lifecycle.

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