A Technology Company Achieves Seamless Customer Insights After Uniting their Sales, Service, and Marketing Efforts in Salesforce

With Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud, our client in the Technology Industry has improved operations and enhanced efficiency across the board.

The Challenges

Our client, a leading technology company, faced significant challenges managing separate systems for their marketing, sales, and customer service operations. The company works with schools to create digital products by providing software solutions on their website and app.

The company had previously implemented Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, but weren’t able to take full advantage of both products by allowing them to share key data for marketing and sales activities.

With Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud operating separately, data silos hindered personalized messaging and impeded the sales team's visibility into customer progress.

Our client lacked a unified view of customers across their website and app and needed a solution that could provide a 360-degree view of their customers across platforms in real time.

The Solution

To address these issues, we embarked on a comprehensive journey to improve operations and enhance efficiency across the board.

We began by redesigning the data model, consolidating customer and audience data within Salesforce, migrating our client from Zendesk to Service Cloud, and integrating Marketing Cloud Connect to enable seamless communication and personalized campaigns across marketing, sales, and service.

Sales Cloud

As part of our Managed Services offerings, we provide ongoing support to help our clients navigate the long-term strategy of their Salesforce roadmap. For our client, this meant providing ongoing support with their Sales Cloud org. 

We conducted a thorough audit of automations, optimizing processes and eliminating redundancies. We then successfully completed data migration for historical data related to their customers from their app integration.

We worked closely with the client’s sales team to understand their needs and to ensure they were up to date with best practices.

Marketing Cloud

Before working with KA, our client’s marketing team relied too heavily on IT for data and needed to personalize their messaging efforts. Their sales team had no insight into their product or opportunity progress from their CRM.

Our team redesigned the data model so that customer and audience data lived in Salesforce to support deduplication within Marketing Cloud and leverage additional features of Marketing Cloud Connect with a unified subscriber key.

Marketing Cloud Connect allows users to access Marketing Cloud tools directly within Sales or Service Cloud. It also ensures that marketing and sales teams can create a consistent branding and messaging experience, ultimately driving more leads into Salesforce.

To further enhance their Marketing Cloud org, we rebuilt their on-going Journeys to utilize the new data model with Salesforce unique identifiers. This allows for streamlined contact visibility between the two platforms.

We also created new Salesforce data-driven Journeys in Marketing Cloud to provide personalized customer experiences. These Journeys include activities to create and assign tasks (or place them in a queue) within the CRM and assign for follow-up.

Service Cloud

We helped our client make the switch from Zendesk to Service Cloud to enhance the customer journey and introduced Service Cloud Voice to enhance customer interactions.

With Service Cloud Voice, our client can not only deliver more proactive and personalized service to their customers, but also maintain as much of their business within the Salesforce ecosystem as possible.

Service Cloud Voice helps our client’s service agents quickly and intelligently handle calls, reducing average handle time. Our client can now unite multiple infrastructure systems across their contact center after implementing Service Cloud and Service Cloud Voice. 

In addition to Service Cloud Voice, we implemented Einstein Service Replies for email. This allows our client to use generative AI to draft email responses for support cases that are based on related Knowledge Articles.

Einstein Service Replies has not only boosted productivity among support teams, but has also allowed our client to focus more attention on tackling complex support cases with precision and care.

Consolidating support operations within the Salesforce ecosystem has not only improved operational efficiency, but also provides our client with a holistic view of customer interactions, empowering support teams to deliver exceptional service.

Custom Development

With Custom Development, we’re able to solve business challenges of all shapes and sizes, whether it be an integration or a custom user interface to simplify processes.

We provided custom solutions for our client by integrating Salesforce with their web application so they could receive automated updates of person accounts, business accounts, and several custom objects.

Customer Impact

As a result of our efforts, our client experienced many tangible benefits, including increased productivity, streamlined processes, and improved customer satisfaction. Positive feedback from stakeholders underscores the success of our collaboration, with notable mentions of improved email effectiveness and streamlined operations.

“The Kelley Austin team was so responsive. It was so appreciated and it's just the little things that you're able to figure out and get done for us that make a difference. As an example, I thought one of our tasks was going to be a much bigger project and that was able to be done immediately. That's a huge help to us because not having that makes it really hard to figure out which school you're dealing with sometimes, right. Responsiveness was key. You guys were really incredible there and then getting everything fixed was incredible for my team."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - Vice President of Operations

Looking ahead, we will continue to support our client's journey by kicking off Service Cloud Managed Services, ensuring ongoing optimization and alignment with evolving business needs.

Our partnership exemplifies the transformative power of Salesforce integration in driving business success and delivering top-notch customer experiences.

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