Our Story

Kelley Austin co-founders Hunter Austin and Waylon Kelley have 20+ years of combined experience in the Salesforce ecosystem and have worked for and with many Salesforce consulting firms over the years. They learned many great principles along the way, but the one thing they felt was missing the most from the industry was an exemplary employee experience — an experience where team members felt connected, empowered, and appreciated.

They wanted to create an environment where work is not the most important thing in your life, so they set out to build that environment first and foremost. The Salesforce Consulting ecosystem was the perfect vehicle to drive that concept and build a culture rooted in growth and collaboration.

Being a Salesforce partner allows the Kelley Austin team the flexibility of an ideal work environment and the ability to grow as quickly as each team member desires. Our team consistently works towards building a culture that everyone can be proud to be a part of. It’s not always easy, which is why we set quarterly goals for culture initiatives to ensure that these goals stay top of mind.

Our team continues to grow in both size and expertise, but regardless of size, we vow to not lose sight of the values our company was founded on.
Collage of Kelley Austin staff and Dallas skyline


Waylon Kelley

Managing Partner

Waylon Kelley is a family man who loves delivering excellent scalable solutions to complex problems. You'll usually find him at home or traveling with family and friends, mostly to a beach.

Hunter Austin

Managing Partner

Hunter Austin loves his family, the Longhorns, and hearing clients say "You guys are an awesome team!"

Seth Hornbuckle

Chief Operating Officer

Seth values efficiency and common sense. Personally, he's likely stirring up fun trouble with his daughter or trying to fight off Father Time by setting up shop in the gym/playing sports/going on hikes.

Cynthia Carson

VP of Delivery

Cynthia Carson lives for her golden retriever, Bruce, a good meal with friends, and Longhorn football. She enjoys helping clients implement the best Marketing Cloud solutions to fit their unique needs.

Meet Our Team

Alex Lenox

Manager, People and Processes

Alex Lenox is an avid reader and writer, and when he’s not hunched over a computer, he’s either behind the grill or out walking his American Bulldogs.

Allie Vaughan

Practice Director, Marketing Cloud

Allie is a solutions nerd who finds joy in employing creative methods to solve problems. She is a mom of three amazing girls and a small (but ferocious) fur-baby. When there is time, she can be found on the local bike trail with her dad, jamming to Huey Lewis and the News, or re-reading one of her favorite post-apocalyptic novels.

Allison Long

Salesforce Consultant

Allison is a Denver resident with a passion for the outdoors. When she's not exploring the city, she is somewhere climbing, running, or skiing. Allison left Florida State with two business degrees and is excited to solve new problems.

Alison Mullins

sr. salesforce developer

Alison is a Tennessee Vol and native Memphian who loves playing music, baking, and spending as much time as possible with her nieces and nephews. When she’s not losing track of time writing code and building integrations, Alison is likely enjoying a football or baseball game with her husband.

Ally Schutz

Sr. Marketing Cloud Consultant

Ally is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant with six years of experience in digital messaging. When Ally isn't developing personalized and dynamic emails within lifecycle programs, she's most likely playing a Disney-themed board game, attending a princess tea party hosted by her daughter, or splitting her time watching Husker Football and KC Sporting Soccer.

Ami Shah

Sr. Salesforce consultant

Ami is a Senior Consultant who's been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for 6 years before joining KA. She resides in Austin and has an affinity for breakfast tacos to prove it. In her free time, she enjoys a solving a good puzzle, listening to a podcast or playing tennis and golf with friends.

Amy Zielinski

SR. Marketing Cloud Consultant

Amy is a Marketing Cloud Consultant who loves creating effective and engaging campaigns using all of the capabilities that Marketing Cloud has to offer. When she's not writing queries, she spends time with her American Saddlebred horses, her Corgis, and her family. Amy is also involved with several local horse-centric non-profits and can be found organizing horse shows across Indiana.

Angela Zhang

Sr. Salesforce consultant

Angela is a Mathematics and Data Science graduate with a passion for hiking around Colorado with her golden retriever, Eliza. She enjoys finding multiple ways to solve a problem and delivering the best solutions for her clients.

Ben Doolan

Practice Director, Platform & Integrations

Ben is always looking for the solution. When he's not brushing up on all things Salesforce, you'll find him with his family sitting around a fire, listening to their laughter, and trying to talk everyone into hiking through the mountains.

Blake Kinkade

sr. salesforce consultant

Blake loves taking complex problems and coming up with creative ways of solving them. His curiosity is never satisfied, so he is always eager to learn new things. In his free time, you can bet that he’s either reading, watching sports, or spending time with friends and family.

Brent Clark

Solution Architect

Brent prides himself on proving that businesses can succeed by being Human First. As a 13-year veteran in the Salesforce ecosystem, Trailhead All-Star ranger, and former Salesforce employee, he is an expert at aligning business processes to customer objectives and ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes. When not architecting Salesforce solutions, Brent is either outdoors, traveling, or in the wood shop crafting anything from end tables to complete custom built-in solutions.

Brad Eggert

Manager, managed services

Brad is a husband and father of two who loves helping people innovate with Salesforce. Seeing the 'spark' in people when a solution is delivered is what drives him. He also enjoys fishing, drumming, and reading.

Cadi Shurbet

Sales Manager

Cadi enjoys spending time with her daughter, traveling, and all things Salesforce.

Chelsea Stokes

Practice Director, service Cloud & Field Service

Chelsea resides in Denver with her husband and their dynamic duo of Mini Australian Shepherds, Koda and Kai. Fueled by a passion for creative exploration, Chelsea immerses herself in artistic pursuits like textured art, furniture flipping, wedding videography, and ambitious DIY house projects. As a former Field Engineer turned Salesforce magician, Chelsea’s affinity for Service & Field Service clients is no surprise. She revels in architecting Salesforce solutions that enrich clients’ lives, mentoring others, and providing a healthy dose of dry humor.

Chris Mary Edwards

consulting manager

Chris is a former New Yorker now turned Texan. She enjoys being active with her 3 young kiddos and is passionate about traveling with them and learning about different cultures. She loves helping a client's vision become a reality in all things Salesforce.

Cue Grant

Salesforce developer

Cue is a Dallas, Texas native and embodying it pretty well. Outside of work he enjoys working and being with horses, fishing, and watching football. In life, he strives to be the best he can be. Not only for himself, but for others around him.

Disha Waghray

Sr. Salesforce consultant

Disha is a Senior Consultant who’s been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for four years and was working at Salesforce before joining KA. She also has a background in Informatics, Psychology, and Human-Centered Computing and is always looking to achieve the right blend of technology with the user in mind through each step of their journey. In her free time, she loves everything related to music and the great outdoors, whether it's playing piano or guitar, creating road trip playlists, or attending concerts at various venues around the country (and hopefully the world soon!).

Duncan Brady

Sales manager

Duncan has a passion for building relationships, making people laugh, supporting people's success, learning, and driving the growth of others. Outside of the office you might find him at the local golf course sinking putts or possibly admiring the unique homes while walking his Golden Retriever "Bruce" around the Dallas neighborhoods. He and his wife are big foodies — all restaurant recommendations are encouraged and welcome!

Elias Murakami


Technology enthusiast. Curious to know how it all works. Lover of Japanese culture and lover of philosophy. In my free time, I like to play games with my friends or study more about how each piece fits into the universe.

Garrett Burnett

sr. Salesforce consultant

Garrett is a born Aggie that enjoys developing technology solutions that deliver the most efficient practices for his clients. When he's not brainstorming processes, you can find Garrett traveling across Texas on weekend excursions or shouting with the 12th Man.

Guilherme Enrique

Salesforce Developer

Guilherme is a guy with a passion for technology. Technology changed his life as a child and today he seeks to expand his knowledge to change other people's lives. In his free time, he likes to cook, listen to the blues, and watch hours and hours of science fiction series and animations. He enjoys meeting new people and learning their stories and taking life in a light and positive way.

Heather Wilks

RevOps Specialist

In her free time, Heather loves camping trips with her husband and twin girls. She enjoys the challenge of solving new problems and all things chemistry-related.

Jeremy Wood

Practice Director, Sales Cloud

Jeremy enjoys bringing experience and expertise to a room while injecting fun and making tough situations easy at the same time. When he is off the clock, he is probably traveling with his wife, goofing off with his son, herding his animals, or relaxing on the lake with a fishing pole.

Jillian Mishon

Project Manager

Jillian is a Project Manager who loves keeping things streamlined and organized. When she’s not on the clock she enjoys reading, gardening, and taking the motorcycle out with her husband.

Josh Bullard

Salesforce consultant

Josh loves hanging out with his wife and two boys. He enjoys helping others and solving problems. He spends his free time hunting, fishing, and doing things that keep him active.

Kara Peterson

Salesforce Consultant

Kara Peterson is a lifelong learner who loves a challenge. She enjoys movie nights with friends and has a soft spot for pets (yes, even cats).

Kavya Devalla

Salesforce Consultant

Kavya is a Civil Engineer passionate about building, be it Salesforce or life. If not moored around work, you will find her lost in self exploration. She enjoys challenges and strives for perfection. She loves the sunsets, mountains, colors, and everything nature. Rave reviews from the clients make her all smiles!

Kayla Roark

Salesforce Consultant

Kayla Roark is a Dallas native now enjoying the Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas with her husband. She is an avid reader, lifelong learner, and outdoor enthusiast. As a Salesforce Consultant, she is passionate about helping individuals and businesses succeed using the best Salesforce solutions.

Laurel Salazar

Marketing Manager

Laurel Salazar is a social media manager, graphic designer, content creator, writer, and marketing fanatic. She helps brands tell their stories and bring their creative visions to life.

Mason Polani

Salesforce Consultant

Mason is a Technology Consultant with an admiration for Salesforce. When he is not in office enjoying the company of his like-minded peers, he works from home with his zoo of a house with two dogs and two cats. On his own, he is a keyboard building, video game, and music enthusiast; with his fiancé, he is a foodie that plans on traveling to a few choice countries such as Japan, Italy, and Spain.

Milla Cuervo Tarouco

Salesforce Developer

Milla is a technology and astronomy enthusiast. She loves to learn new things and loves a new challenges. She enjoys reading books and playing board or online games in her spare time. She loves animals and enjoys spending time celebrating nature.

Morgan Tinsley

Sales Manager

Morgan loves the thrill of solving business problems with creative, innovative technology solutions. She is up for any challenge and seeks opportunities to try new things. When she isn't working, you'll find her working out or coaching at the local CrossFit gym or cruising around town with her boyfriend and their mastiff, Tiny. Morgan's family is on a quest to visit every US National Park and focus much of their leisure travel toward hiking, experiencing nature, and eating well.

Murillo Cuervo

Salesforce Developer

Murillo is a Salesforce enthusiast and is always looking to learn new technologies while solving complex problems. He likes to travel, experience new cultures, and play online games with his friends!

Sam Salo

Salesforce Consultant

Sam is a former Wisconsinite now turned Texan. He enjoys sports (especially auto racing) and spending time with his friends and cat, Dupont. When he's off the clock, he enjoys studying topics such as fractals, color theory, and of course, all things Salesforce.

Valerie Myers

Solution Architect

Valerie is a Solution Architect who's been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for 8 years. She's worked at Salesforce as a technical architect for Marketing Cloud and as an Innovation Consulting Manager for Higher Ed and NGOs with Salesforce.org. She also has a background in web and mobile technologies and spent 10 years teaching at a local college. In her free time, Valerie loves spending time with her family playing badminton and cornhole, attending festivals, traveling, and being outside. She loves animals and spends a lot of time with her three big dogs, 4 cats, 1 fish, and 1 lizard.

Wes Kelley

solution architect

Wes Kelley is a girl dad and Salesforce wizard that enjoys playing cornhole and golf (mainly at Topgolf) during his free time. He strives to implement the best solution for each of his clients.

Will Burke

Practice director, revenue cloud

Will loves to golf, cook (and eat) great food, and spend time with his wife and dog. A lifetime midwesterner, he enjoys summers in Chicago, the Buckeyes, and Cincinnati sports. His favorite thing about work is simplifying and automating manual processes for clients.

Will Philpot

Project Manager

Will is an experienced Project Manager with a background in ERP and CRM implementations. In his free time, Will likes to travel to snowy places, watch the NBA, and enjoy his house full of cats and dogs.


What can we do for your business?

At Kelley Austin we're proud to provide tailored Salesforce solutions across a variety of industries. Our expert knowledge and many years of experience in all aspects of the Salesforce ecosystem have earned us high levels of satisfaction from our clients.

We're ready to find the right solutions for your industry today.


Our Clients Say

“Excellence of deliverables, communication, ingenuity, knowledge base, professionalism, experience, dependability both in accomplishing the work as well as the functionality of the work.”
— Financial Services Client