Kelley Austin becomes one of the fastest Salesforce Partners to ever attain Crest (Gold) status

Salesforce recently announced that Kelley Austin officially advanced to the Crest tier (previously named Gold), making the Salesforce Consulting Partner one of the fastest firms to achieve the Crest tier in Salesforce history.

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Salesforce Revolutionizes Student Loan Servicing for a Company in the Financial Services Industry

With Salesforce our client in the Financial Services Industry has been able to streamline their operations in every area of their business from sales to service to marketing and more.
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Transforming ISP Operations: How Salesforce Empowered a Tech Company to Streamline Services and Drive Growth

After implementing Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and Pardot, our client’s team members can all work from a single platform and make data-driven decisions to move their company forward.
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A Manufacturing Company Scales Their Business with Salesforce

With the right Salesforce solutions in place, our client in the Manufacturing Industry can proactively meet the challenges that come with growing their business.
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Successful Projects Begin with Trust

Before we ever engage with a client, there are two things that must happen in order to ensure a successful relationship. The first is that we have to earn your trust. We have to work to ensure that you trust our expertise and guidance and that you know we have your company's best interests in mind.

The second is that we need to trust, as a client, you will be willing to put the time and effort in from your side in order to make this a successful project. You are an expert in your company, we are experts in Salesforce, and if we both trust each other, we can find the perfect balance between adapting the business to the technology, and the technology to the business.

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Our Services

Salesforce Excellence & Fractional Admin

Salesforce Managed Services that fit your company's needs.

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Sales Cloud

Grow your sales with trusted solutions.

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Revenue Cloud (CPQ)

Streamline your revenue lifecycle.

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Service Cloud

Create personalized and meaningful customer experiences.

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Marketing Cloud
& Pardot

Build brand loyalty with data-driven digital marketing.

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Experience Cloud

Meet your customers and partners where they are with Experience Cloud.

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Field Service

Transform your field operations.

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A CRM built for you.

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solving things with the power of Salesforce

Who We Are

We're passionate about delivering successful projects to our clients because we understand the profound impact that a well-implemented Salesforce solution can have on a business's growth and long-term success.

Our Project Management Practice led by Cynthia Carson, VP of Delivery, plays a pivotal role in building trust with our clients. Our goal as a Salesforce Partner is to ensure clear communication, set realistic expectations, and deliver exceptional Salesforce solutions. We love helping our clients achieve remarkable results with the power of Salesforce.

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The Employee First Difference

The members of our team are what make our company, and they come first. Yes, even before customers, and that’s a great thing for the companies we partner with. You can be assured that the team working on your project:

Is supported by the rest of the team and leadership

Isn’t overworked and overcommitted

Has time to put towards furthering their education and expertise

Doesn’t have to deal with difficult clients that cause them to lose focus

Is encouraged to take time off, so they're fresh

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Our Expertise

Ready to grow? Join the Kelley Austin team.

We hire the best and brightest in the industry. If you're looking to join a hard-working, driven, and talented team of individuals who loves to see our clients succeed, check out our open positions today.

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what our clients say

“Couldn't give a higher rating to the Kelly Austin team. Waylon, Hunter and the rest of the team are attentive and helped us setup and grow both Sales + Service.”
— Health Tech Client

what our clients say

"They were great to work with, fun, easy-going and they know their stuff in the Salesforce marketing world."
— Education Client

what our clients say

“Excellence of deliverables, communication, ingenuity, knowledge base, professionalism, experience, dependability both in accomplishing the work as well as the functionality of the work.”
— Financial Services Client