Revenue cloud (CPQ)

Streamline your
revenue lifecycle

Revenue Cloud is an end-to-end revenue management solution that can help you drive efficiency with automation across the entire product-to-cash journey. With packages such as Salesforce CPQ that allow your sales team to close complex deals faster to billing and subscription management packages, Revenue Cloud can help you deliver an exceptional customer experience across multiple buying channels.

Revenue Lifecycle Management, a newer product offering from Salesforce, offers a full suite of features for automating and optimizing revenue at scale. With RLM you can automate everything from product to cash, including product catalogs, pricing, configuration, quoting, order management, fulfillment, billing, and contracts.

Revenue Cloud works with your other cloud products such as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to help you connect with your customers every step of the way from buying, paying, renewing, to ongoing service.
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Revenue Cloud Customer Stories

A Fintech Company Boost Sales Team Productivity with Salesforce CPQ

By streamlining operations, enhancing the renewal and amendment processes, and improving reporting and analytics, Salesforce CPQ has empowered our client's sales teams to operate more efficiently and effectively.
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Discover How a Tech Company Consolidated Four Different CRMs by Transitioning to Salesforce

With a consolidated sales process, our client in the Tech Industry has gained unprecedented visibility into the lead-to-cash lifecycle and can now access valuable insights for service cases, cross-selling opportunities, and renewal rates.
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Salesforce CPQ Modernizes Sales Processes for a Media and Entertainment Company

By implementing Salesforce CPQ and integrating DocuSign, our client in the Media & Entertainment Industry has not only streamlined the pricing process, but also facilitated improved contract management and renewals.
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Transforming ISP Operations: How Salesforce Empowered a Tech Company to Streamline Services and Drive Growth

After implementing Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and Pardot, our client’s team members can all work from a single platform and make data-driven decisions to move their company forward.
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Meet Our Team

As the Practice Director for Revenue Cloud (CPQ) and Sales Cloud at Kelley Austin, Will Burke loves helping our clients simplify and automate manual processes.

Will loves when our clients get to see their Excel workbooks that they've been working in (or homegrown quoting system) come to life within Revenue Cloud for the first time.

When he's not busy Solving Things, Will loves to golf, cook (and eat) great food, and spend time with his wife and dog. A lifetime midwesterner, he enjoys summers in Chicago, the Buckeyes, and Cincinnati sports.


New Product Implementation

Implementing Revenue Cloud correctly is vital for your business. This starts with Architecture and ends with Training and Change Management. Every point along the way is critical, and we're here to guide the process. We provide implementation services ranging from out-of-the-box complexity to fully custom solutions for your business.

M&A Activity

If your organization has gone through a merger or acquisition, or is going through the process now, integrating your sales teams and sales processes can be challenging. We’ll work with you to develop a strategic roadmap for integrating Salesforce org(s) post-M&A, helping you create an efficient and unified sales team with streamlined processes and systems.

Product Enhancements

If you already have Revenue Cloud, Salesforce CPQ or Salesforce Billing setup, but need to make enhancements to the system, our team can spin up quickly on your current build out and help deliver the next phase to keep you growing.

Data Migration

Whether you are migrating from a previous system, merging/acquiring a new company, or have external data sources, we are experts in the data migration process and will ensure a smooth transition.

Managed Services

After implementation, you need to have the right resources to support your team and any needed changes/enhancements. We provide dedicated resources for set hours per week based on your needs.

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System Architecture

There are hundreds of ways to solve challenges with Salesforce, however, there is always a “best” way. Having the correct architecture for the current and future state of your company is pivotal to the success of any project.

ERP Integration

Whether you’re interested in automating your sales process, optimizing supply chain management, or improving financial reporting, integrating Salesforce with ERP systems such as NetSuite, Commercient, SAP, Oracle, and more, gives your business a complete view of your customers and your financial performance in one place.

Implementation Repair

Whether your business experienced a bad implementation in the past or your Salesforce org is several years old and full of technical debt, we’re here to help you get back on track.

Products & Features

Revenue Lifecycle Management
Automate everything from product to cash, including product catalogs, pricing, configuration, quoting, order management, fulfillment, billing, and contracts with Revenue Lifecycle Management.

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Salesforce CPQ
Give sales teams and channel partners the tools to sell fast. Configure, price, and quote complex solutions with ease.

With Salesforce CPQ you can quote quickly and accurately with guided selling flows, product bundles, and discounting rules for sellers.

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Salesforce Billing
Speed up cash collection with an automated recurring billing engine. Support any charge type, sales order, or payment schedule with ease.

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Subscription Management
‍Drive efficient growth letting customers buy on their own, across any channel, with any monetization model.

Subscription comes with omni-channel pricing and APIs, pre-built automations in Flow, and more.

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Document Generation
Empower your sales and business teams with seamless document generation and eSignature capabilities using tools such as Conga Composer, Conga Sign, and Docusign.

Say goodbye to manual document creation and signing processes that consume valuable time and resources. With these products integrated directly into Salesforce, you can transform your document workflows and accelerate your business processes effortlessly.
Form Builders
Formstack, an easy to use form builder directly integrated with Salesforce, is worth its weight in gold. With Formstack you can dynamically prefill forms, generate and update records, and connect to any standard or custom object without leaving your Salesforce account.

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Our Clients Say

“The team at Kelley Austin has been a strong partner. We are moving fast and they are responsive and proactive when necessary. Communication is clear, concise, and on-point. They’ve been thoughtful and responsive to our needs and our users in detailed design and UAT. Looking forward to moving ahead in next-steps.”
— Media & Entertainment Client