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Unify your data with Data Cloud

Companies often struggle with disorganized and fragmented data, limiting their ability to gain valuable customer insights and execute effective marketing campaigns.

By leveraging Salesforce Data Cloud, businesses can seamlessly organize and consolidate data from Salesforce and other external sources. Data Cloud is embedded in the Einstein 1 Platform, which means any external data lake or warehouse can now drive actions and workflows inside of your CRM. With Data Cloud you can:
  • Create unified customer profiles
  • Build smarter audience segments using insights and filtering capabilities
  • Activate data from anywhere across your organization
  • Capture and unify data from anywhere with a high-scale data ingestion service
  • Analyze your data using tools like Tableau or Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Customer Stories

A Technology Company Unlocks Valuable Customer Insights by Uniting Sales, Service, and Marketing with Salesforce Data Cloud

By harnessing the power of Data Cloud, our client in the Tech Industry can provide tailored customer experiences across sales, service, marketing, and more.


Use Case Viability Review

Our dedicated team will collaborate with your business to craft a unique Point of View (POV) tailored specifically to harness the power of Data Cloud for your organization. The Use Case Viability Review will include:

1-hour with the team to design POV around the Data Cloud use case.

1-hour for the Executive Summary Readout. This readout will include the sample that we produce using the free version of Data Cloud as well as a Data Cloud Roadmap detailing how your company could benefit from utilizing the full version.

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System Architecture & Data Analysis

Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of how your data is collected, stored, used and managed.

This analysis will also include an assessment of the flow of data and how that data is processed and distributed across stakeholders and other applications for reporting, analytics, and other uses.

Data Segmentation & Activation

Data Cloud helps you achieve a complete picture of your customers by ingesting data from different systems, including Salesforce and other systems where you store customer data (ERP, SAP, AWS, etc).

We’ll work with you to break down your data into useful segments to understand, target, and analyze your customers.

By creating high-value segments, we can then provide guidance on how you can activate your data at scale for email, mobile, advertising, web, or personalization across channels.

New Product Implementation

Implementing Data Cloud correctly is vital for your business. This starts with System Architecture and ends with Training and Change Management. Every point along the way is critical, and we're here to guide the process. We provide implementation services ranging from out-of-the-box complexity to fully custom solutions for your business.

Product Enhancements

If you already have Data Cloud, but need to make enhancements, our team will work with you to analyze your current system architecture, identify opportunities for optimization, and implement tailored solutions to elevate your platform's performance and capabilities.

Managed Services

After implementation, you need to have the right resources to support your team and any needed changes/enhancements.

We provide dedicated resources for set hours per week based on your needs.

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Implementation Repair

Whether your business experienced a bad implementation in the past or your Salesforce org is several years old and full of technical debt, we’re here to help you get back on track.

Our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your previous Data Cloud implementation, addressing past shortcomings and optimizing performance to align with your current objectives.

User Experience (UX) Design

The success of your Data Cloud implementation depends not only on its functionality but also on how seamlessly it integrates into your workflow.

Oftentimes, the biggest issue is not the underlying technology, but more so the usability. We’ll ensure that navigating and leveraging Data Cloud is a seamless and rewarding experience for your team.


Marketing Cloud Growth Edition
With MC Growth Edition, the first iteration of Marketing Cloud built on the Einstein 1 platform, you can integrate multiple data sources with Data Cloud, build content with Digital Experiences, power complex customer journeys with Flow Builder, and optimize with Einstein. If you’re an SMB looking to drive productivity and personalization, grow customer relationships, and optimize your marketing performance with AI, MC Growth Edition may be a good fit.

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Marketing Cloud Intelligence
With MC Intelligence, you can connect and analyze every data source with a few clicks, access one unified view of your marketing and sales data, and conduct cross-channel optimizations to drive performance. By connecting Data Cloud to Marketing Cloud Intelligence, you can seamlessly analyze your customer data and build insightful dashboards and reports.

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Einstein 1 Studio
(Copilot Builder, Prompt Builder, Model Builder)
With Einstein 1 studio, you can deliver hyper-relevant customer interactions with trusted AI actions, prompts, and models, all grounded on your data. Einstein 1 Studio allows you to embed AI in any experience with your models, through low-code AI builders.

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Sales AI
Sales AI tools help sellers transform how they work and sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently using generative AI that is backed by real-time data. With Einstein Copilot, your CRM AI assistant, sales reps can benefit from features such as auto-generated Sales Emails and Call Summaries, Sales Assistant, Personalized Close Plans, and more.

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Customer Service AI
Integrate AI seamlessly into workflows to boost agent efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. Utilize Einstein Copilot, your CRM AI assistant, to summarize support interactions and create helpful knowledge articles. Resolve cases faster and scale 24/7 support across channels with AI-powered chatbots.

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Field Service AI
Powered by the Einstein 1 Platform, Salesforce Field Service enables companies to drive productivity in the field with trusted predictive and generative AI backed by real-time data. Field Service AI tools allow technicians to work more efficiently with features such as Pre-Work Briefs, on-site Knowledge Search, and auto-generated Post-Work Summaries.

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Marketing AI
Marketing AI empowers marketers to deliver personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences across every touchpoint with generative AI and trusted first-party data from Data Cloud. Features include Segment Creation, Email Content Creation, Segment Intelligence for Data Cloud, Rapid Identity Resolution, and more.

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Commerce AI
Commerce AI helps companies deliver customized commerce experiences at every step of the buyer’s journey with auto-generated insights and recommendations based on unified real-time data from Data Cloud. Features include Goals-Based Commerce — which provides actionable insights and proactive recommendations on how to meet business targets and goals — as well as Dynamic Product Descriptions and Commerce Concierge.

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MuleSoft helps Data Cloud process real-time data from any system, application, or device into Data Cloud. MuleSoft is seamlessly integrated into Salesforce Flow, enabling it to automate tasks efficiently. This integration empowers you to automate your business processes, benefiting from the customer data and AI-driven insights within Data Cloud.

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With Data Cloud you can integrate all of your Salesforce data into Tableau, offering valuable insights for your business to enhance customer relationships and make quicker, data-driven decisions. Tableau provides data visualization and business intelligence on top of Data Cloud, enabling easier visualization, automation, exploration, and action on data from any source.

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Seamlessly Connect Your Enterprise Data

Data Cloud is designed with an open, extensible architecture that employs zero-copy integrations, allowing seamless connections to top platforms like Snowflake or Databricks — without the need to move or copy data. This allows for more flexibility and control for managing your data within Data Cloud, making it easier than ever to bring data in and send it out as needed.
Snowflake provides a cloud-based data warehousing platform that enables organizations to store, manage, and analyze large volumes of data with scalability and efficiency. Organizations can share data bidirectionally between Snowflake and Salesforce Data Cloud, allowing businesses to transform their data landscape and surface powerful insights across sales, service, marketing and more.

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Google BigQuery
The integration between Salesforce Data Cloud and Google BigQuery allows companies to more easily create unified profiles of their customers to provide new, highly personalized experiences. Businesses can use their Google Cloud data to enrich Salesforce Customer 360 and Salesforce Data Cloud.

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Amazon Redshift
Amazon Redshift, currently the most popular cloud data warehouse, is a part of Amazon Web Services platform (AWS). Data Cloud customers can access data from Amazon Redshift and Amazon data lakes on AWS without moving data.

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Seamlessly merge data from Salesforce Data Cloud with external data from the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. The bi-directional sharing capabilities between Data Cloud and Databricks allows joint customers to enrich their datasets and deploy more capable models to solve business-critical challenges.

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Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure offers a suite of cloud computing services for building, deploying, and managing applications and services. You can configure data to flow into or out of Data Cloud with the Azure Storage Connector. The Azure Storage Platform supports storage of a variety of structured and unstructured data objects in the cloud.

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