A Client in the Health Tech Industry Optimizes the Customer Experience with Sales Cloud

A Sales Cloud overhaul allows our client to engage with ideal customers and boost efficiency.

The Challenges

Our client in the Technology Industry faced several challenges with their Salesforce org before working with our team. As a technology company that provides healthcare services for individuals with chronic conditions using AI, our client needed the right solutions to address their unique position as both a technology company and healthcare business.

Before working with Kelley Austin, our client was relying on a single Salesforce Admin who didn’t have the time or resources to fix many of the data issues caused by their initial Salesforce implementation. Our client was looking to build and refine their current org, as well as cleanup some of their customer data in Sales Cloud.

Some of the additional challenges included a large number of duplicate records from multiple objects, too many fields on certain objects, and object relationships that needed to be further defined.

The Solution

To address these challenges, our team was able to dedupe and remove bad records to ensure accuracy of customer data and contact information in addition to cleanup and validation of customer data in Sales Cloud.

Our team also worked to refine what fields are used on which objects to make object relationships more clear and improve the user experience in our client’s Salesforce org. Part of this process involved reorganizing page layouts that were cluttered and hard to use. Our client’s original Salesforce org was difficult to navigate, so we wanted users to more easily find the customer data they were looking for.

“By the end of the project, our client’s Salesforce Admin had grown their skills as a Salesforce Admin to the point where they were now comfortable with moving forward and being able to handle the demands of being the Admin for the org. Overall, this was one of the biggest and most rewarding impacts that we assisted with in this project.” — Neil Doody, Technology Consultant

In addition to these enhancements, we also rolled out multi-factor authentication for our client using Salesforce authenticator, which increases protection against unauthorized account access and provides an extra layer of protection against threats like phishing attacks. We also provided release notes to help our client keep track of periodic Salesforce releases as well as backend updates.

Lastly, our team used Salesforce Optimizer to optimize different features in our client’s Salesforce org such as profiles and flow automations. Salesforce Optimizer is a powerful tool to get recommendations for feature improvement, clean up customizations, reduce complexity, and drive feature adoption. Our client wanted to streamline their sales processes and improve the user experience — Salesforce Optimizer helped us get there. 

Customer Impact

We were able to provide our client’s Salesforce Admin with the tools and training they needed to confidently make changes to their Salesforce org. Before working with our team of experts, our client’s Salesforce Admin lacked the time, knowledge, and proper training to administer the best solutions for their org. By the end of the project, our client’s Salesforce Admin was able to easily navigate their new and improved Salesforce org and was more comfortable with making changes and providing solutions.

By providing implementation repair services for our client in Sales Cloud, our team was able to reduce their Salesforce Admin’s workload while also building confidence in their ability to solve complex challenges that once seemed insurmountable. 

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