A Financial Services Company Drives Customer Relationships and Revenue With Experience Cloud

An exceptional digital experience simplifies the process of making purchases and receiving discounts.

The Challenges

Our client in the Financial Services Industry needed improvements made to their Salesforce org in order to better serve their members and vendors. Before working with Kelley Austin, our client was utilizing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud to provide member support and to manage product and event sales. However, our client’s vendors didn’t have a way to make purchases online. To make a purchase, vendors would have to call our client’s business and speak directly with a staff member or sales rep. This was costing our client’s sales reps valuable time and potential sales.

The Solution

To solve this problem, we worked with our client to create a custom Experience Cloud site for vendors. Vendors can now easily purchase products and sign up for events by visiting the custom Experience Cloud site. This has eased the customer support burden for sales reps who can now shift their attention back to closing more deals instead of assisting our client’s vendors with making purchases.

We also created a custom coupon management system that allows members and vendors to receive product and event discounts with ease. Members and vendors no longer need a physical coupon or coupon code to receive discounts. With the new dynamic system implemented by our team, coupons are grouped according to account level. Members and vendors automatically receive discounts based on their account level instead of having to manually enter a unique code.

Customer Impact

By building a custom Experience Cloud site for our client, vendors can quickly make a purchase or sign up for an event without having to contact our client’s business. Sales reps can focus on winning more deals instead of providing customer support to vendors. Our client can grow their revenue with confidence knowing that both members and vendors can effortlessly make a purchase online and will automatically receive any discounts with our custom coupon management system. With our trusted Salesforce solutions, sales reps can sell faster and smoother and members and vendors alike are guaranteed a seamless digital experience.

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