A Global Media Company Transforms their Sales Operations by Making the Switch from NetSuite to Salesforce

Sales Cloud provides our client in the Media Industry with a true CRM solution that enables more accurate pipeline reporting and opportunity tracking.

The Challenges

Our client, a global media company, faced significant challenges in managing their customer relationships and sales processes. The company was using NetSuite for CRM, which was limiting their reporting capabilities, automation potential, and workflow customization. Their sales team struggled to accurately track opportunities and report on their sales pipeline.

Our client had recently acquired another company, necessitating better visibility and coordination between our client and their subsidiary with tailored record types and permissions in Salesforce. They needed to improve their overall account and opportunity processes, enhance automation and tracking for quarterly business and sales reviews, and leverage Salesforce’s user experience tools to streamline operations.

The Solution

To address these challenges, we undertook a comprehensive migration of our client’s CRM from NetSuite to Salesforce Sales Cloud. This involved setting up the existing organization to accommodate both our client and the subsidiary company, ensuring seamless integration and visibility between the two.

We customized Salesforce to improve the account and opportunity management processes, implemented automation features, and enhanced the overall user experience. 

Customer Impact

By taking full advantage of Salesforce’s robust reporting tools and customization capabilities, we provided the sales team with a true CRM solution that enabled more accurate pipeline reporting and opportunity tracking. The migration to Sales Cloud significantly transformed our clients' sales operations with benefits such as:

Enhanced Visibility and Coordination: Implementing Sales Cloud allowed our client and their subsidiary company to achieve seamless visibility, facilitating better collaboration and coordination.

Improved Reporting Accuracy: Advanced reporting tools provided the sales team with the ability to generate accurate and detailed pipeline reports, leading to more informed decision-making.

Streamlined Opportunity Tracking: Custom workflows and automation features enabled efficient tracking of sales opportunities, ensuring no opportunity was missed or overlooked.

Efficient QBR and Sales Reviews: Automation of quarterly business and sales reviews saved time and increased the consistency and reliability of these processes.

Enhanced User Experience: Leveraging Salesforce’s user experience tools improved the overall usability and adoption of the CRM system among the sales team.

Customization Capabilities: Tailored record types and permissions ensured that the system met the specific needs of both our client and their subsidiary, enhancing operational efficiency.

The successful migration from NetSuite to Sales Cloud has empowered our client’s sales team to operate more effectively and efficiently, driving better performance and enabling the company to connect with their clients more effectively. This transformation has not only addressed their immediate challenges but also positioned them for continued growth and success in the future.

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