A Home Builder Transforms their Sales and Marketing Operations with Salesforce

Enhancements to Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud have enabled our client in the Construction Industry to significantly increase their ROI in the Salesforce platform.

The Challenges

Our client, a successful homebuilding and land development company, faced several obstacles that limited their ability to fully leverage Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Their previous Marketing Cloud implementation was incomplete, leading to significant inefficiencies and an inability to execute crucial marketing activities.

These challenges created barriers to achieving their desired return on investment and developing an effective customer engagement strategy. Some of the challenges they faced before working with our dedicated team of Marketing Cloud experts were:

Non-Functional Marketing Cloud Org: Our client’s Marketing Cloud environment wasn’t fully functional, which significantly diminished their ROI in the platform.

Incomplete Integration: The Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud environments, specifically the Marketing Cloud Connect integration, were not set up correctly or with best practices in mind by a previous Salesforce implementation partner.

Lack of Journey Functionality: Essential customer journeys were either incomplete or missing, preventing effective customer engagement.

Manual Processes: Many processes were manual, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors.

Unsent Communications: Our client had not sent a single email through Marketing Cloud before working with our team, missing out on crucial customer touchpoints and engagement opportunities.

Previous Implementation Issues: A failed previous Marketing Cloud implementation left the company with a cluttered and ineffective Salesforce organization with a major gap between marketing and sales.

The Solution

Our team provided a comprehensive solution to address our client’s challenges. This involved a detailed assessment and completion of necessary configurations, launching new and enhanced customer journeys, and automating manual processes.

Due to our client's negative experience with a previous consulting firm, rebuilding trust was key. We collaborated with key stakeholders to regain their confidence by maintaining utmost transparency about any roadblocks encountered during the project. Some of the solutions we provided for our client included: 

Initial Assessment: Conducted an in-depth assessment of both Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud environments to identify missing or incomplete configurations.

Configuration and Build Completion: Detailed the required configurations to our client and completed the necessary builds to make the selected journeys functional.

Journey Enhancements & Email Builds: Within 8 weeks, we launched 15 enhanced as well as new journeys and 9 manual process automations in Marketing Cloud along with 47 emails that accompany them. 

Einstein Engagement Scoring and Reporting: Integrated Einstein Engagement Scoring with Marketing Cloud and built a dashboard with reports for weekly lead traffic and lead conversions by community and lead source in Sales Cloud. 

SMS Opt-In Automation: We developed an automated solution for SMS opt-in utilizing both Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

Customer Impact

The collaboration with Kelley Austin brought substantial positive changes to our client. With a fully functional Marketing Cloud org, enhanced customer journeys, and automated processes, the company saw significant improvements in efficiency and customer engagement. Some of the benefits of this project include:

Increased ROI: The fully functional Marketing Cloud org allowed our client to finally take full advantage of the platform and increase their ROI in Salesforce.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: With 15 new and improved journeys live, our client can engage more effectively with their leads and customers.

Operational Efficiency: Automating 9 manual processes reduced errors and freed up valuable time for the team to focus on more strategic activities.

Effective Communication: The ability to send emails through Marketing Cloud for the first time allows our client to maintain consistent and targeted communication with their customers.

Improved Reporting and Insights: The new dashboard provides clear insights into lead traffic and conversions, enabling better decision-making and strategic planning.

Seamless Integration: Proper integration between Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud ensures data consistency and streamlined processes across the organization

Rebuilding trust with our client was critical due to their previous experience with a former consulting partner. This trust was the foundation upon which all our successful initiatives were built. By fostering a transparent and collaborative relationship, we were able to fully understand and address our client's needs.

Our team’s commitment to transparency and integrity not only helped restore their confidence but also ensured the seamless implementation and integration of Salesforce solutions. Our client now benefits from increased ROI in the platform, enhanced customer engagement, greater operational efficiency, and improved strategic insights — all of which have substantially transformed their business operations.

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