A Lending Automation Platform Drives Revenue with Salesforce

Our client in the Technology Industry streamlines their operational processes with Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot.

The Challenges

Our client in the Technology Industry needed a centralized system where their sales and marketing teams could easily work from. As a SaaS company that provides an AI-powered lending automation platform as well as decision management solutions and services, our client’s business operations are complex and nuanced. 

Each team was using different processes and systems, which made collaboration difficult. Because our client didn’t have a centralized location for customer data, there were many data incongruencies between departments. This was leading to further inefficiencies and slowing down communication between team members. Our client needed to streamline their operational processes so that every department was on the same page in terms of processes and functionality. 

The Solution

Before working with our team, our client was using a basic project management software to help with scheduling and communication, but the rest of their processes varied greatly between  departments. We were able to implement Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot to connect our client’s sales processes with their marketing initiatives.

By connecting the sales and marketing teams with Salesforce, our client’s team members can work together from a single platform to grow their sales and win more customers. Being able to automate engagement across every channel allows our client to save time and money in order to deliver relevant content and grow their sales pipeline. 

Customer Impact

The biggest impact we made for our client was setting up a unified system for all of their teams to work from. Our client needed a quick turn around for this project and our team of experts put their skills to the test to complete this project in just two months. Now that our client can operate from a single system, they can easily collaborate between departments and drive revenue with data-driven analytics that every department has access to. 

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