A Tech Company that Provides A Secure Web Browser for Businesses Transforms the Partner Experience with Salesforce Partner Relationship Management and Partner Tracks

Salesforce PRM provides our client in the Tech Industry with the tools they need to boost partner-generated sales revenue.

The Challenges

Our client in the Tech Industry faced significant hurdles before partnering with Kelley Austin. As a company that provides an innovative browser experience for businesses across the country, our client needed to improve their system for partner relationship management to streamline communications, enhance collaboration, and ensure more effective and efficient handling of partner lead registration and support.

Even though our client was using Sales Cloud to track sales, they didn’t have a system that could provide the comprehensive experience needed to effectively enable and support their partners. Some of the issues they faced included:

Limited Functionality: Their partners were utilizing a HubSpot landing page, which served only as an intake solution. This solution lacked features that allowed them to track leads or access marketing resources.

Lack of Partner Enablement: Our client struggled to provide partners with essential training and marketing content, which limited their ability to succsesfully co-sell on deals.

Visibility and Tracking Issues: Partners struggled to track the leads they submitted and lacked clear visibility into their pipeline, making it difficult to manage opportunities effectively.

The Solution

To address these challenges, we partnered with our client to implement Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (PRM) with Salesforce Partner Tracks. This comprehensive solution aimed to transform our client’s relationships with their partners and win more deals by providing enhanced functionality and resources. The key aspects of the solution included:

Configuring an Experience Cloud Site: Our team set up a dedicated Experience Cloud Partner Portal, designed to offer a seamless and intuitive interface for partners. This Partner Portal included out-of-the-box functionality as well as custom features such as:

  • Deal Registration Page - Partners can submit deal registrations tied to leads, ensuring that multiple registrations for the same opportunity are managed effectively.
  • Collateral Library - Our team built a collateral library with client assets such as logos and marketing materials.
  • Training - Partners can quickly view upcoming webinars and submit requests for specific training sessions.
  • Enablement Program - The Enablement Program provides partners with essential knowledge about our client’s products and services, similar to the Salesforce Trailhead platform. We utilized the new Salesforce Partner Tracks product to deliver this solution.
  • Custom Updates Widget - Replacing the traditional Chatter widget, we built a custom updates widget that provides real-time notifications and information about the company for partners to quickly skim.

Updating Security and Permissions: Ensuring robust security measures and appropriate access permissions were critical for safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining control.

Customer Impact

The implementation of Salesforce Partner Relationship Management and Partner Tracks had a transformative impact on our client and their partners, including benefits such as:

Enhanced Partner Experience - Partners now have access to a comprehensive portal where they can track leads, access marketing materials, and receive training, leading to better engagement and satisfaction.

Improved Lead Management - The new system allowed for better tracking and management of leads, ensuring that partners could see the status of their submissions and sales pipelines clearly.

Increased Partner Success - With access to enablement programs and marketing resources, partners are better equipped to sell our client’s products, leading to increased sales and commissions.

Streamlined Communication - The custom updates widget ensures that partners are always informed and up-to-date with the latest information and opportunities.

Scalable Solution - Salesforce PRM provides a scalable solution that can grow with our client, ensuring long-term benefits and continuous improvement.

The implementation of Salesforce PRM brought about a substantial transformation for our client’s partner management capabilities. By providing a robust, user-friendly platform, our client can now provide their partners with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources essential for co-selling success.

As a result, our client has seen a significant increase in partner satisfaction and productivity. The seamless integration of Salesforce PRM into our client's business operations has not only strengthened relationships with existing partners but also attracted new partners eager to leverage these advanced capabilities.

By investing in Salesforce, our client has paved the way for sustainable growth and long-term success in its partner ecosystem.

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