A Technology Company Improves their Marketing Strategy with Pardot

Implementing Pardot helps a software company in the construction industry create lasting customer relationships.
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The Challenges

Our client in the Technology Industry was struggling to streamline their marketing and sales processes as well as utilize their current marketing software. As a software company that provides solutions for builders and suppliers to simplify construction management, our client needed to redefine their marketing strategy in order to meet the needs of their expanding company.

Our client had recently acquired another company when we started working with their team. The acquired company had Pardot and they needed to migrate that Pardot instance into a newly purchased Pardot instance. This would allow the acquired company to have all of their current assets and for our team to set up all of the client’s new assets as well. 

Our client also had a contract with a separate marketing automation software company. When they signed with us, that contract was going to expire in just two weeks. We had to put as many people on the team as possible in order to attack this two week deadline and get everything exported and set up on the Pardot side for when the current software got deactivated — including over 30 landing pages and 20 forms. 

In addition to these challenges, our client’s marketing team didn’t know how to use their current marketing software or what campaigns and data currently existed in the platform. They were not optimizing their previous marketing automation tool and had outdated marketing campaigns running on the backend that weren’t being audited. The overall understanding of their marketing automation tool was creating major obstacles for their marketing campaigns and needed a complete overhaul by our team. 

The Solution

Part of the project involved auditing their current marketing automation tool to find out what was still in use and what was relevant. We located gaps in their marketing processes so we could determine what to get rid of and what we could improve upon after implementing Pardot.

During Discovery we got to understand the unique needs of their business, which allowed us to make suggestions on how Pardot could best be utilized by the company. We were able to provide guidance on marketing strategies for our client as well as train their marketing team on how to get the most out of Pardot. 

With Pardot, our client can build lasting relationships with customers through scaled, personalized outreach, while aligning with sales and service.

We successfully met the deadline for the Pardot transition and are continuing to work on the Sales Cloud side of the project as well as further building out marketing with the new acquisition. With Pardot, our client can build lasting relationships with customers through scaled, personalized outreach, while aligning with sales and service.

Customer Impact

Before working with our team, our client lacked formal training on their marketing software and many of their processes were implemented before the current marketing team had joined staff. We were able to implement Pardot and provide the necessary training to get their marketing processes running smoothly and efficiently. Our client now has the confidence to utilize Pardot and has strategies in place for understanding their marketing data and using that data for reaching out to prospects.

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