An Oil & Gas Company Transforms their Salesforce Org

SSO Integration, a custom Experience Cloud site, and Salesforce Maps unifies the customer, partner, and employee experience.

The Challenges

Our client in the Energy & Utilities Industry needed to make several enhancements to their Salesforce Org in order to improve both sales and service for their customers, partners, and employees. As an oil and gas company looking to expand their partnerships and branding efforts, our client was hoping to find solutions to many of the complex challenges they faced in their Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud instances.

This required custom development and extensive knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem. Our team is well-versed in a variety of Salesforce products and was able to put their skills and industry knowledge to work for this challenging, but highly rewarding project.   

Salesforce SSO Integration With Dynamic Sharing Delivers a Seamless Customer Experience 

A big challenge for our client was making sure that their external customers could interact with Salesforce data that is accurate and up-to-date with every single login. This required setting up Salesforce Single Sign-On (SSO) integration with dynamic sharing. Salesforce SSO allows users to access multiple sites with a single log-in while dynamic sharing updates the user’s sharing model each time they login. The dynamic sharing component was critical for our client because they needed their users to only be able to access certain data with each login based on set rules and criteria. Implementing Salesforce SSO with dynamic sharing not only provides customers with a seamless experience, but also ensures customer data is both accurate and secure.

Our team also integrated monthly report data into a custom-built Salesforce Community in Experience Cloud. These reports contain actionable items for our client’s customers and were difficult to access and use before we built the custom Experience Cloud site. This custom site makes it easier for our client’s customers to view and pull reports and the simplified dashboard allows users to easily determine where they need to go to find the data they’re looking for. 

Our team also developed a custom UI in a Salesforce Community that allows external customers to manage their own contacts and marketing messaging. Creating this UI required custom development so that customers can view data from a single screen without having to leave the page or search for other links.

In addition to these initiatives, we also developed a process for customers to de-dupe contacts within the same system to ensure accuracy of contact information and sales data. The required custom development to create a de-dupe process where we could take large numbers of duplicate contacts and merge them down to one. This saved our client time and the headache of dealing with multiple contact records for the same account. 

A Custom Experience Cloud Site Drives Positive Change in Local Communities

To make a difference in local communities, many of our client’s gas stations contain special branding that indicates that a portion of the sale will be donated to a local charity. We worked with our client to develop a custom Experience Cloud site that allows them to track a subset of sales that are dedicated to this program.

“Working with such a large, established enterprise Salesforce org has unique and exciting challenges that bring daily excitement.” — Ben Doolan, Manager • Salesforce Development 

This custom site simplified the enrollment process for our client’s wholesalers who chose to participate in the program and allows our client to track which locations are the most successful. This was a rewarding part of the project for our team because they were able to use their skills to build a system that helps our client improve their communities in a meaningful way. 

Implementing Salesforce Maps Empowers Users at Every Step of the Customer Journey 

Our client was using APIs to handle a large degree of back-end work as well as a third party mapping API to map Salesforce data. Our team converted the third party mapping API to Salesforce Maps, which required working directly with Salesforce Maps’ product team to make sure the right updates were in place before deploying the product.

Salesforce Maps helps our client visualize data more efficiently and generate more leads by using location intelligence. Integrating Salesforce Maps with our client’s Salesforce Org also allows our client to maintain consistency and completeness of their data. Sales reps can quickly update and add to customer records all in one place with data visualization tools, including territory mapping and live tracking. 

Customer Impact

Our client in the Energy & Utilities Industry was dealing with many complex challenges with their Salesforce org and needed the right team in place to find the best solutions to meet their business needs. Our team’s expert industry and product knowledge was a valuable asset in ensuring this multi-faceted project was a success. Some of the major accomplishments for this project included SSO integration with dynamic sharing, building a custom Experience Cloud site to make a difference in local communities, and implementing Salesforce Maps.

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