Discover How a Company Replaced an Outdated, Homegrown App with Salesforce Experience Cloud

A new customer-facing application and website enhancements enabled our client to streamline their processes, make changes more efficiently, and plan for the future.

The Challenges

Our client, a leader in smart mobility technology solutions, faced significant challenges with their existing customer-facing application and website.

The application, originally built using Microsoft Azure, was hampered by slow-moving company processes and extensive red tape, making it difficult to implement changes quickly. The company struggled to train and keep users up to date on the platform and current employees were in charge of a system that they didn’t build.

Employees struggled to make changes to the application and website due to the old and deprecated database, a lack of documentation, and inefficient manual processes. They needed a more efficient, customizable, and user-friendly platform to enhance their operations and support their ambition to grow as a company.

The Solution

To address these challenges, we re-platformed their existing application to Salesforce Experience Cloud. This process included a complete redesign, new functionality, and the ability for faster live customization. We also enhanced their CSR website by importing their knowledge base and improving case functionality. 

The migration to Salesforce allowed our client to bypass their previous system's inefficiencies and cumbersome corporate processes that were leading to significant delays in project implementation and limited scalability. 

Our team utilized Mobile Publisher to create their new app that is now available on the app store, which wasn't the case before. With Mobile Publisher, our team was able to create a customized and branded version of our client’s app that is easy to maintain and update.

Customer Impact

By moving their application to Experience Cloud, our client was able to streamline their processes, make changes more efficiently, and provide a use-case for a more extensive customer-facing application they plan to develop in the future. The transition to Salesforce had significant positive impacts for our client such as:

Adaptable System Maintenance: We reduced delays and inefficiencies from the previous platform, streamlining the process for making changes and updates.

Enhanced CSR Site: We improved training and updating processes for users and streamlined case functionality, improving overall service quality.

Expanded Client Base: The new mobile app, accessible on the app store, helped broaden the user base. OEMs and vehicle manufacturers can now share the app with their own customers, increasing engagement for our client.

Improved Payment System: Our client now has an enhanced payment system with the ability to promote discounts, promotions, and marketing initiatives, increasing customer satisfaction and business growth.

Making the switch to Salesforce not only resolved our client’s existing challenges, but also positioned them for future expansion and success in the Technology Industry. By addressing the inefficiencies of their previous system, we enabled a more agile and adaptable platform that supports their current needs and future growth.

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