Discover How A Telecommunications Company Bridges the Gap Between Marketing and Sales with Salesforce

With solutions and enhancements for Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, our client has the tools they need to better serve their customers across the country.

The Challenges

Our client, a Telecommunications company serving over 1.1 million people across the country, faced several operational hurdles that were hindering their efficiency and growth. With a large team of employees dedicated to providing top-notch communication services, our client needed a robust solution to streamline their sales and marketing processes.

The company was struggling with manual processes, underutilized systems, and data management issues including:

Manual Processes in Marketing Cloud: Our client was heavily reliant on manual processes for email campaigns, requiring the single staff member in charge of their Marketing Cloud org to be present for every send, which was both time-consuming and prone to errors.

Limited Sales Cloud Adoption: The existing Sales Cloud environment was underutilized and lacked full integration with other systems, reducing overall efficiency and visibility.

Data Management Issues: The company struggled with unclean data and faced difficulties keeping subscription statuses synchronized between Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud. This led to inflated contact counts and inefficient marketing operations.

Incomplete Implementation: A negative experience with a previous partner had eroded trust and left the systems and processes in disarray, necessitating a complete overhaul and rebuilding of confidence in the solution.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Kelley Austin stepped in to revamp our client’s Sales Cloud environment and enhance their Marketing Cloud operations. The solution focused on automating processes, improving data synchronization, and providing better tools and integrations to support marketing and sales teams. Some of the solutions we provided included:

Revamping Sales Cloud: Our client’s Sales Cloud environment was revamped to enhance integration with iVue, a software our client utilizes to manage customer data. This included improved management of leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities, along with the association of the Buildings object to specific accounts for better visibility.

Enhanced Security and Permissions: Salesforce security and permissions were fine-tuned to ensure data integrity and secure access, improving overall system reliability.

Automation and Data Synchronization: Marketing Cloud was synchronized with Sales Cloud objects, automating journeys and keeping subscription statuses in sync. Automation was also implemented to clean up contact databases and delete converted or deleted leads/contacts, preventing data bloat.

Data Migration and Cleanup: Extensive data migration and cleanup efforts ensured that the transition to the new system was smooth and that the data being used was accurate and useful.

Journey Creation and Email Management: Kelley Austin assisted with the creation of marketing journeys based on Sales Cloud objects and the setup of transactional sends. Our team also designed new emails and implemented scheduling processes to streamline marketing efforts.

Integration and Automation Enhancements: Our client was using the WordPress and Gravity Forms integration to send leads into Sales Cloud. We helped sync these fields in Marketing Cloud to bring leads from Sales Cloud into Marketing Cloud to automate the flow of leads and reduce manual input. This included setting up fields to capture data accurately and sorting contacts by language preferences.

Customer Impact

By automating manual processes and improving data management, our client saw immediate improvements in productivity and efficiency. The marketing and sales teams are now able to operate more effectively, leveraging the new tools and integrations to better serve their customer base. The project resulted in various positive benefits for our client including:

Increased Productivity: Automation of manual processes significantly increased the productivity of both the marketing and sales teams, allowing them to focus on more strategic activities.

Improved Data Quality and Management: The cleanup and synchronization of data between systems ensured that marketing campaigns were targeted and effective, reducing contact count bloat and improving overall campaign performance.

Higher Salesforce Adoption: With the revamped Sales Cloud environment and better integration with iVue, there was a notable increase in Salesforce adoption among reps, leading to more efficient and transparent operations.

Enhanced Marketing Efficiency: The marketing team experienced a dramatic reduction in manual tasks, from sending 30-50 emails manually each month to leveraging reusable data extensions for audiences and automated email journeys.

Rebuilt Trust and Confidence: The successful implementation and support from KA helped rebuild our client’s trust in their Salesforce solutions, laying the foundation for future growth and innovation in their marketing and sales strategies.

The successful transformation of our client’s Salesforce org has paved the way for sustained growth and enhanced customer engagement. By leveraging the power of automation and improved data management, our client has not only improved their current operations but also set a strong foundation for future growth. 

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