Learn How A Nonprofit Embraces Digital Tools to Drive Fundraising Efforts

With the power of Salesforce, a nonprofit expands their mission by revitalizing the donor experience.

The Challenges

Our client in the nonprofit sector came to Kelley Austin hoping to improve their communications and increase their donation efforts by implementing Salesforce. As a religious nonprofit with local, national, and international ministries, our client was in need of scalable and flexible solutions to help them maximize their impact.

Before working with our team, our client was utilizing Hubspot as a CRM to provide their congregation with newsletters and ministry updates. After meeting with our client, we quickly realized that keeping member information up-to-date and establishing a process to contact individuals for recurring donations were two areas that we could assist with by implementing Experience Cloud and the Nonprofit Success Pack.

The Solution

To address some of these challenges, our team migrated our client from Hubspot to Salesforce and created a member-facing Experience Cloud site where congregation members can update their address, contact information, and household details. We also created a custom login experience that allows members to login using their mobile number without the need for an email or password. This frictionless login experience not only allows our client to ensure member information is accurate, but also increases the likelihood of a member donating to our client’s mission.

Congregation members can also easily sign up for recurring donations through the Experience Cloud site, which will allow our client to increase their total online giving over time. By developing custom flows to capture and display key information that’s relevant to congregation members, our client can more effectively communicate with their ministry and improve their fundraising and donation efforts.

Customer Impact

After installing the Nonprofit Success Pack and implementing Experience Cloud, our client can effortlessly measure and manage the impact of their communications, programs, and donations all in one place. Experience Cloud allows our client to engage with donors and lifelong supporters by increasing awareness of their mission with donor-centric experiences and digital-first donation efforts. With the power of Salesforce, our client can now focus on expanding their mission with purpose-built solutions tailored to their organization.

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