Learn How this Manufacturing Company Transforms their Business Operations by Transitioning from Gong to Salesforce

Utilizing the capabilities of Sales Cloud coupled with Einstein Conversation Insights, our client can act on invaluable insights from each customer interaction.

In the Manufacturing Industry, efficiency and precision are key. Every interaction, every detail holds potential insights crucial for growth. For one of our clients, a leading manufacturing firm, the journey to harnessing these insights led them to embark on a transformative project in collaboration with our team.

The Challenges

Facing the challenge of escalating costs and fragmented data, our client needed a solution that would not only consolidate their tech stack but also empower their sales team with comprehensive analytics capabilities.

Previously reliant on Gong for tracking sales call data, they found themselves in need of a unified platform that seamlessly integrated with their existing Salesforce infrastructure.

The Solution

After working with our client to identify their business needs and pain points, we developed a custom solution to extract data fields and transcripts from Gong and seamlessly import them into Salesforce. We also helped our client implement Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI) so they could benefit from more powerful data analytics capabilities and insights.

Migrating from Gong to Salesforce

Making the switch to Salesforce required migrating existing chat transcripts from Gong to Sales Cloud via API calls and relating them to an existing Opportunity in Salesforce. Our team meticulously migrated 15,000 transcripts, ensuring each detail was captured accurately. 

By developing custom, tailored solutions for our client, we successfully established task records featuring the original call date for every transcript migrated from Gong into Salesforce. As a result, the task record now appears in the activity timeline for the Opportunity.

Additionally, users have the convenience of previewing transcripts directly from the activity timeline and can download the corresponding PDF file for longer transcripts.

Unlocking Actionable Insight with Einstein Conversation Insights

When our client was solely relying on Gong for their conversation intelligence needs, they didn’t have access to the capabilities that ECI provides. After upgrading to Salesforce Unlimited Edition, our client gained access to ECI, which allows sales and service users to view insights and trends from voice and video calls.

With ECI, users can play recordings of conversations to gain visibility into mentions of competitors, products, custom keywords, pricing discussions, and next steps. Sales leaders can also analyze conversation trends and visualize insights related to voice and video calls.

By harnessing the power of AI-driven analytics with ECI, our client gained greater visibility into their customer interactions, unlocking actionable insights for their sales team.

Customer Impact

The transition from Gong to Salesforce has significantly streamlined business operations for our client in the Manufacturing Industry.

By consolidating call data and analytics capabilities within Salesforce, our client has experienced a significant improvement in efficiency and precision across their sales operations. Every interaction is now seamlessly captured and analyzed, providing valuable insights crucial for informed decision-making.

Call transcripts and data fields are now readily available within Salesforce, empowering sales reps to better understand customer needs and preferences. This enhanced visibility enables personalized interactions, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The implementation of ECI has revolutionized how our client leverages customer data. By taking full advantage of the power of AI-driven analytics, our client can uncover valuable insights from voice and video calls that were previously inaccessible.

Through our collaborative efforts, we've not only addressed our client's immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for a data-driven future. Together, we're shaping a tomorrow where insights drive action, and every interaction holds the promise of opportunity.

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