Pardot's Powerful Marketing Automation Drives Success for a Construction Equipment Rental Company in Texas

With custom emails templates and tailored marketing campaigns, our client in the Construction Industry improves the customer experience with Pardot.
Products Used

The Challenges

Our client in the Construction and Manufacturing industry needed assistance with utilizing all of the features and functionality that Pardot (now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) has to offer. As a company that leases out construction equipment in Texas and across the country, our client wanted to ensure that they were getting the most out of their investment in Salesforce. They had purchased Pardot, but needed direction and strategic guidance with how to utilize Pardot to connect with current and potential customers. 

Before working with Kelley Austin, our client lacked foundational marketing processes and had only one staff member who was manually launching all of their marketing campaigns. They needed help with automating their processes to reduce many of the manual tasks that were leading to inefficiencies and a lack of cohesive messaging.

The Solution

After learning more about our client’s business and marketing goals, our team of Marketing Cloud experts was able to provide guidance and recommendations for how our client can take full advantage of the platform. We worked with their team to familiarize them with Pardot by creating email templates and automations. Our client now has branded templates to build from and automation solutions for various marketing campaigns that allow them to work more efficiently.

With Pardot, our client can connect with customers with tailored, relevant campaigns and make data-driven decisions by tracking marketing performance all in one place.

At Kelley Austin we have a dedicated Marketing Cloud team, including both consultants and Solution Architects, that allows us to create custom solutions for our clients. Having a Marketing Cloud team with expertise across the vast suite of Marketing Cloud products allows us to find the best solutions for our clients by diving deep into their business and understanding their marketing goals and strategy.

Customer Impact

Before working with our team, our client wasn't taking advantage of their Pardot instance and needed help with training their staff on how to use the product. Our team was able to provide training and support for staff in addition to creating standardized email templates and automations to reduce manual tasks. Our client can now easily create emails using our branded templates and has the automation in place to ensure they’re connecting with customers with the right message at the right time. By using Pardot to its full potential, our client can better connect with customers and drive productivity and growth.

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