See How A Commercial Titling and Registration Leader Streamlined Customer Experiences with Service Cloud

Enhancements to Service Cloud and custom development improve workflows and customer support.

The Challenges

Our client in the Technology Industry was in need of Salesforce solutions to improve their data management as well customer support. As a business that provides out-of-state title and registration processing across the nation, our client was in need of trusted solutions to help them manage large quantities of customer data with unique criteria that differs between states.

The biggest challenge for our client was making sure customers receive their car registration and title in a timely manner after purchasing a car out-of-state. Before implementing Service Cloud, our client was an alternative workflow automation platform. Unfortunately this platform couldn’t handle the amount of data collected by our client, so they decided to implement Service Cloud. Our goal was to enhance our client’s Service Cloud org to meet the demands of their business and improve the customer experience. With thousands of cases being managed on a daily basis, our client needed a way to keep customer data organized and up-to-date, as well as a streamlined process for handling registration and title information.

The Solution

We enhanced our client’s Service Cloud org by connecting a third party app to Salesforce to hold our client’s files. With third party app integration, our client no longer has to worry about storage space and managing their customer data effectively. We also helped organize our client’s Salesforce org to improve automations and workflows. This included making improvements to their note-taking process as well as building a custom flow for employees to more easily set due dates for cases according to state criteria. In addition to these enhancements, we also implemented an SMS messaging system that allows team members to easily communicate with customers by texting them updates directly from the Salesforce platform.

“Our client is one of the industry leaders in Commercial Titling and Registration, but our goal is to get them to number 1. We have worked closely with their team to improve their Salesforce experience and hopefully in the future we can celebrate them reaching number 1.” — Mike Werner, Technology Consultant

Customer Impact

After making enhancements to our client’s Service Cloud org, our client can complete cases more efficiently and ensure that customers receive their title and registration in a timely manner. By connecting a third party app to Salesforce to manage customer data, storage space is no longer an issue for our client who was previously relying on a workflow automation system unable to meet the demands of their business.

Customizations to our client’s Salesforce org also improved workflows for our client’s team members, who can now focus on providing quality customer experiences and closing more cases. The flexibility of the Salesforce platform and the customizations made by our team not only improved the customer experience for our client, but also helped our client drive revenue with insights provided by every customer interaction.

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