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Enhancement to Marketing Cloud Improve Lead Gen

Our client in the Technology Industry faced a number of marketing challenges that impacted their customer experience before working with Kelley Austin.

After connecting their Salesforce Org to Marketing Cloud, our client quickly realized that managing contact counts was increasing their costs due to duplicate contacts for every subscriber. Leads were also being captured from different sources. Our client needed a way to track where Leads were coming from and how to view customer data holistically. 

We helped our client clean up their contact lists to ensure customers no longer received duplicate or irrelevant emails by implementing a script that identified converted contacts within Marketing Cloud. We also assisted our client with capturing Leads more accurately so that potential customers received a more personalized and tailored experience.

We created various content blocks within Marketing Cloud that were then used to generate individual CloudPages for separate Lead capture sources. Additionally, we worked closely with our client’s team to integrate GoogleAds and Web-to-Lead submissions. 

To improve how customer data is captured and analyzed, we created a Marketing Cloud Intelligence Dashboard (formerly Datorama) that displays Lead information from all sources including details on campaign information, location based data, and more. Better data management allows our client to target the right audience at the right time and improve the experience of nurturing Leads to happy customers.

In addition to improving the Lead generation process for our client, we also developed a custom Preference Center that allows subscribers to opt in/out of specific email and SMS campaigns. Subscribers now have the option to update their channel preferences, which is a major piece of insight for our client. 

Sales Cloud Improvements and Automation Enhance the Customer Experience

Our client faced many obstacles with automation in their Sales Cloud instance. Many aspects of the sales process were manual, causing the sales team to complete unnecessary steps. The manual system was creating gaps in the experience of converting Leads to customers.

Our client also lacked support on their customer referral project involving First Promoter. The integration with First Promoter and Salesforce had many holes and required an experienced Solution Architect to properly connect the two systems. 

“It’s been a great experience to help the client’s team grow their leads exponentially and create solutions that allow them to nurture those leads into customers. I’m looking forward to continuing our partnership as they tailor their messaging to customers even further with all that Marketing Cloud has to offer." — Cynthia Carson, VP of Operations

In order to properly automate the sales process, we implemented a series of Salesforce related solutions. These solutions involved various flows, process builders, Apex jobs, and other tools to make the sales process simpler and more efficient.

After implementing a solution for the integration between First Promoter and Salesforce, we were able to deliver a simple process for integrating customer referees and campaigns between both systems. This improved the Lead generation process and allowed our client’s sales team to work more efficiently in addition to delivering an improved customer experience.

Custom Development Improves Salesforce Functionality

The Marketing Cloud solutions we implemented for our client required custom development for various aspects of the project such as developing content blocks in Marketing Cloud to improve the Lead generation process, creating the Marketing Cloud Intelligence Dashboard, and developing the custom Preference Center.

The process of integrating First Promoter and Salesforce required custom development and the expert knowledge of our developers. This allowed our team to implement better Salesforce functionality tailored to our client’s needs so the sales team could improve their processes and provide a better customer experience. 

Salesforce Excellence (Managed Services) Offers Ongoing, Scalable Support

In addition to providing troubleshooting, our team also works closely with our client to provide training, website customization, as well as ongoing enhancements through our Salesforce Excellence (Managed Services) offering — a flexible solution to maintain and maximize your investment in the Salesforce platform without the need to hire additional, full-time staff. This allows our client to focus on improving the customer experience as well as meeting their business goals.

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