Businesses in the Consumer Goods Industry Can Drive Profitable Growth with Unified Data and New AI Features Available in Consumer Goods Cloud

Get to know these exciting new products and features including Data Cloud for Consumer Goods, Einstein Copilot, and Consumer Goods Cloud Einstein 1 for Sales.
July 9, 2024

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In today’s competitive market, consumer goods companies face the challenge of scaling sustainably while driving growth. New data and AI solutions for Consumer Goods Cloud are here to help businesses unlock and unify customer data, empowering leaders to meet this challenge head-on.

Salesforce AI tools offer significant benefits by providing account representatives with deeper insights into buyer preferences and the ability to generate comprehensive account summaries for more efficient planning. This enables businesses to prioritize growth effectively.

Consumer Goods Cloud is a specialized platform designed to help consumer goods companies enhance their retail execution and customer relationship management through advanced data integration, real-time insights, and AI-driven solutions. By integrating Consumer Goods Cloud with Data Cloud, companies can access solutions that strengthen relationships with channel partners and optimize business operations.

Let’s take a closer look at how these new Salesforce products and features can help you get the full picture of buyer preferences and streamline your sales and service processes. 

Data Cloud for Consumer Goods

Plan more relevant and precise assortments and promotions by unifying customer and consumer profiles with Data Cloud for Consumer Goods. 

Data Cloud for Consumer Goods will empower key account managers to connect account data with industry data in order to:

Use Case: A beauty brand based in New York can use Data Cloud for Consumer Goods to unify loyalty data and syndicated consumer data. With this information, they can identify which skincare products are particularly popular among local consumers in certain regions of the U.S., and which beauty stores such as Ulta or Sephora frequently request replenishment of these items. The brand can then recommend a higher monthly purchase order or more frequent replenishment of those specific skincare products for each store in those regions.

Availability: Generally available this summer

Einstein Copilot Account Summarization

Your service agents can increase productivity by quickly generating account summaries with AI.

Einstein Copilot Account Summarization gives your service agents access to AI-generated account summaries directly in the service console. Service agents can now handle complex service requests with ease by utilizing this new Einstein Copilot feature. 

Service agents no longer need to jump between screens, knowledge articles, and account history — allowing your service agents to not only increase productivity, but also free up time for providing upsell and cross-sell opportunities. 

Use Case: A service agent at a household consumer goods company can use Einstein Copilot Account Summarization to quickly review a large retailer's recent interactions, orders, customer satisfaction scores, and promotion locations. This summary helps the agent address the retailer's questions about a recent order and suggests a product to upsell during the resolution.

Availability: Generally available within Consumer Goods Cloud this fall

Consumer Goods Cloud Einstein 1 for Sales

With Consumer Goods Cloud Einstein 1 for Sales, you can equip every sales manager, field rep, merchandiser and delivery driver with AI-powered tools to drive account growth and boost productivity. 

Consumer Goods Cloud Einstein 1 for Sales provides businesses with a new bundle of data and AI-powered features to drive account growth and productivity. This new product will help businesses surface relevant retail execution details and recommendations inside the platform that are based on real-time data and connected systems within Consumer Goods Cloud. 

This unified data allows key leaders to make critical product decisions that impact revenue and answer important questions such as:

Use Case: An ice cream company field rep triggers an out-of-stock alert for a top-selling product. The sales manager receives the notification on the Consumer Goods Cloud dashboard and promptly instructs the delivery team to restock, boosting sales through real-time data and connected systems.

Availability: Generally available this summer

Parting Thoughts

The integration of advanced data and AI solutions within Consumer Goods Cloud marks a transformative shift for the industry. By leveraging tools like Data Cloud for Consumer Goods, Einstein Copilot Account Summarization, and Consumer Goods Cloud Einstein 1 for Sales, companies can unlock deeper customer insights, streamline operations, and drive sustainable growth. 

As these features become generally available, they promise to equip consumer goods companies with the necessary tools to stay competitive and responsive in a rapidly evolving market. Now is the time to embrace these technologies and propel your business towards a future of data-driven success.

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