Kelley Austin Develops Strategic Partnership with Bolt Data to Deliver Trusted Salesforce Solutions

Through this strategic partnership, Kelley Austin will provide their expertise in Salesforce Marketing solutions and Bolt Data will provide Salesforce Field Service support.
November 23, 2022


Salesforce currently holds the largest CRM market share, so it’s no surprise that companies are looking to purchase additional clouds and add-on products in order to maximize their ROI in the platform and increase efficiency. The functionality and flexibility that the platform offers are just a few reasons why Salesforce continues to rank as the #1 CRM

With more companies looking to implement additional Salesforce products, Kelley Austin saw a particular need among their clients for Field Service solutions. With Field Service, businesses can deliver efficient field service operations and cut costs with route optimization, mobile apps, scheduling, and more.

Because of the growing need for Field Service support, Kelley Austin developed a strategic partnership with Bolt Data, an implementation partner with over ten years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem and a wealth of knowledge pertaining to Field Service.

Bolt Data also saw a need for Salesforce Marketing solutions among their clients and Kelley Austin’s expertise in Marketing Cloud and Pardot made them the perfect candidate. With the suite of Marketing Cloud products that Salesforce offers, companies can automate engagement across every channel by delivering relevant content across email, web, mobile, and more. 

For this partnership, Kelley Austin will provide Bolt Data with Salesforce Marketing Cloud support and the Bolt Data team will provide Kelley Austin with implementation support for Field Service clients looking to expand their Service Cloud capabilities. 

By being able to provide supplemental support for their respective clients, both Kelley Austin and Bolt Data can maximize implementations and help their clients achieve success.  

“The Salesforce suite of products is vast and it’s nearly impossible to have true expertise across the board. It’s important that companies work with firms that have experience in the specific product they're using as opposed to just familiarity. That experience will save you wasted time and money down the road,” said Hunter Austin, Managing Partner at Kelley Austin. “We’re excited that this partnership will allow both companies to shine in their respective areas and be a huge benefit to each other's customer bases.”

Kelley Austin is excited to expand their offerings by partnering with Bolt Data to ensure their customers get the best support possible. 

“Balance is crucial in business and we needed a partner that provided complimentary services for our customers,” said Allan Alexopulos, Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Bolt Data. “Our ability to augment each other’s Salesforce strengths helps both our businesses reach new levels and unlock greater potential for continued success for our respective customers.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how Kelley Austin can deliver effective and efficient Salesforce solutions for your business, contact us today to get started. 

About Kelley Austin

Kelley Austin is a full-service Salesforce consultancy that helps brands and businesses drive revenue and connect with their customers through the power of Salesforce. We are experts in Sales, Service, Experience and Marketing Cloud and our team has successfully delivered hundreds of projects across many industries. While Salesforce brings customers and companies together, Kelley Austin helps you put plans into action so you can get the most out of your investment. 

About Bolt Data

Bolt Data is a leading Salesforce Implementation Partner and technology solution provider that develops bespoke solutions for enterprise organizations to help them accomplish more through the power of AI, IoT and service implementations on the Salesforce platform. With over ten years of specialized service industry experience, Bolt Data's proven field service solutions have transformed service organizations around the world by helping them service smarter. Visit to learn more.

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