Learn How Slack AI Can Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity with Channel Recaps and AI-powered Search

Learn How Slack AI Can Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity with Channel Recaps and AI-powered Search
March 14, 2024

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Salesforce, which owns Slack, recently announced the debut of Slack AI, including a treasure trove of exciting new generative AI features such as AI-powered search, channel recaps, and thread summaries. 

But how can the rollout of Slack AI truly benefit your sales teams? While these new features will cost extra and are available as an add-on for Slack Enterprise plans, the upgrade may be worth it for your business.

Here’s a quick glance at how Slack AI can help your sales teams save time and boost productivity.

AI-powered Search 

Slack AI will try to answer your questions based on relevant messages. Image: Slack

AI-powered search provides personalized, intelligent responses to any question. Users can ask a question and will receive an answer based on relevant Slack messages.

Users can find what they need faster, which is great for helping sales reps identify and bring in the right people when a customer has a specific question or concern during a deal cycle.

Channel Recaps

With channel recaps, sales reps can catch up on unread messages, summarize the last seven days, or summarize a custom date range. Channel recaps can also help sales reps quickly summarize an account channel and get the context they need to prepare for a customer meeting more efficiently.

Thread Summaries

With thread summaries, you can receive summaries of unread messages or messages from within a particular time frame. Image: Slack

Thread summaries help users catch up on long conversations in just one click. This is great for sales reps because it can help them generate main takeaways from a long discussion about deal progress to help them stay on track to close the deal.

Slack AI & Einstein Copilot: A Match Made in the Clouds

With Einstein Copilot for sales, you can close deals faster with customized close plans for every opportunity and personalized emails to prospects with a simple click. Image: Salesforce

With the beta version of Einstein Copilot now available, it’s worth mentioning that Slack is also building a native AI integration with the conversational AI assistant for Salesforce that will be able to provide answers to questions directly in Slack. 

The questions will be grounded in safe and secure customer data with the promise of helping people across sales, service, and marketing work smarter and faster than ever before.

With Einstein Copilot, sales teams can speed up deal closures by summarizing records or generating customized communications to provide more personalized customer experiences. Slack AI will work in tandem with Einstein Copilot to make the communication process faster and more efficient for sales teams. 

Additional Slack + Salesforce Updates to Have on Your Radar

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