Learn How A Company in the Energy & Utilities Industry Drives Innovation with Sales Cloud and Managed Services

Managed Services provides a company in the Energy & Utilities Industry with flexible solutions to sustainably grow their business.

The Challenges

What started as a simple Conga integration for our client in the Energy & Utilities Industry has now grown into several long-term Managed Services contracts with the support and trust built by our team. As an industry leader in the natural gas compressor business, our client’s complex business processes required dynamic Sales Cloud solutions with an emphasis on CRM stability and functionality. By building trust with our client and establishing strong relationships, we’ve helped our client increase their ROI in the Salesforce platform.

Before working with our team, our client had partnered with a separate consulting firm who had done their Salesforce implementation using a large degree of custom Apex code. This created several challenges for our client’s internal team who were not able to make changes to their Salesforce org without the help of developers. The lack of control and flexibility our client had over their own Salesforce org was limiting the potential of our client’s sales team. Our client also lacked the time and resources required to maintain and expand their Salesforce org in a sustainable way. 

The Solution

As part of our Implementation Repair process, our team removed a lot of the custom Apex code the previous consulting firm had used during implementation. We were able to accomplish the same functionality using Flows, Workflows, and Formula Fields. By getting rid of some of the custom code that was limiting our client’s administrative functions, our client’s internal team can make changes without relying on a team of developers. This flexibility allows staff to work more efficiently in Salesforce and streamline many of their business processes. 

“By building trust with our client and establishing strong relationships, we’ve helped our client increase their ROI in the Salesforce platform.”

As we started working more closely with the client and developing mutual trust, our role has expanded to include 3 separate Managed Services contracts. As part of our Managed Services offering, we provide ongoing, scalable Salesforce support that includes weekly standup meetings, ongoing enhancements, administrative functions, and specialized training. With Managed Services, our client doesn’t have to worry about factors such as troubleshooting performance issues or implementing upgrades.

Our team also implemented Case Record Types, which helps our client’s internal team work together more efficiently and collaborate between different departments. In addition to Case Record Types, we added several Opportunity Record Types so that different facets of our client’s sales teams are incorporated into Salesforce instead of separate systems.

Customer Impact

By removing unnecessary custom Apex code, our team was able to give our client some control back over their Salesforce org. Before switching to Kelley Austin, our client was relying on developers from a different consulting firm to make simple changes. The process of communicating back and forth between staff and developers was tedious and costing our client time and money. Our team provided Implementation Repair solutions to improve the functionality of our client’s Salesforce org. The enhancements we made in Sales Cloud have helped the company improve their business processes as well as enhance the customer experience. 

We also work with our client’s team on a weekly basis to help them set goals, review KPIs, and troubleshoot issues as part of our Managed Services solutions. The strong relationships we’ve developed with their team have allowed us to continue working with the company to expand their business and ultimately drive innovation.

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