Discover How a Tech Company Consolidated Four Different CRMs by Transitioning to Salesforce

Comprehensive solutions for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and Revenue Intelligence drive success.

The Challenges

Our client in the Technology Industry serves as a pivotal growth platform for essential industries such as transportation, construction, and agriculture. With a mission to help companies navigate the hiring landscape by utilizing technology and data, our client thrives on innovation and efficiency.

The company came to Kelley Austin with a variety of business challenges and needed Salesforce solutions to help them improve their sales and service operations.

Before partnering with KA, our client faced significant operational hurdles.Their teams operated within four separate CRMs and managed data across two ERP systems, leading to fragmented customer insights and inefficient processes. Complex external reporting was the norm, hindering their ability to achieve a complete picture of their customers.

The Solution

To address these challenges head-on, KA collaborated closely with their team, implementing a suite of Salesforce solutions tailored to their needs. This comprehensive approach included solutions for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Revenue Intelligence (CRM Analytics), and DocuSign CLM.

“Our client now has a consolidated Sales Process that is used by all product teams,” said Sales Cloud Practice Director Jeremy Wood. “They have visibility of the lead-to-cash lifecycle and a 360-degree view of their customers. This includes Service Cases, cross-selling, renewal rates, and industry trends.”

Integrations with HubSpot Marketing Hub, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, and a custom integration with an additional product platform now ensures that data can flow seamlessly across the organization.

Sales Cloud

To improve the lead-to-sales process, we combined five separate processes that were tedious and time consuming for team members. This involved adding a qualification methodology to create more consistent and accurate lead conversion and reporting.

We also provided an integration solution with HubSpot Marketing Hub to feed MQLs to Business Development team members with custom advanced routing logic. 

In addition to these solutions, we implemented Einstein Activity Capture, Einstein Next Best Action, Salesforce Inbox, and other advanced Sales Cloud features to improve efficiency and identify trends systematically. 

These advanced features allow our client to keep data between Salesforce and their email and calendar apps up-to-date, display the right recommendations at the right time, and see relevant Salesforce records alongside emails and events.

Service Cloud

The Service Cloud solutions we implemented for our client significantly improved their customer support ecosystem.

With the ability to create cases seamlessly from diverse sources such as email, web forms, and manual inputs, our client's support teams can efficiently manage incoming inquiries. Cases are now intelligently routed to the respective Client Success teams, ensuring quick and personalized resolution.

Our team also established an internal and external Knowledge Base that empowers both employees and customers with comprehensive information at their fingertips, reducing dependency on manual assistance and fostering self-service capabilities.

The integration of a custom Project Management app streamlined the onboarding process for new customers, tracking progress and automating tasks that were previously manual. 

Salesforce CPQ

To drive efficiency and growth and improve the sales process, our team implemented Salesforce CPQ solutions spanning over ten product lines complete with bundles, subscriptions, assets, and a custom pricing strategy for many of their products.

With Salesforce CPQ, our client has streamlined their complex pricing strategies that are tailored to each product offering. This not only simplifies the quoting process but also ensures accuracy and consistency across all transactions.

The integration of contract management using DocuSign CLM allows for seamless handling of renewals, both automated and manual.

By automating repetitive tasks and standardizing contract management, our client has experienced improved contract visibility, reduced errors, and accelerated deal cycles, ultimately driving greater profitability and customer satisfaction.

Revenue Intelligence 

With Revenue Intelligence our client can improve forecast accuracy and gain valuable insights into team performance, pipeline, and historic trends.

Revenue Intelligence provides actionable intelligence built right on the Sales Cloud platform so that our client can have complete visibility of pipeline, forecasting, and sales rep performance all in one spot. 

With AI-recommendations and analytics, our client can not only stay on track to hit forecasts, but also identify and minimize pipeline risks. 

Managed Services: Strategic Support & Guidance 

As part of our Salesforce Excellence (Managed Services) offering, we focus on providing not only ongoing support, but also helping our clients define the long-term strategy of their Salesforce roadmap.

For our client, this meant recognizing the importance of their staff working closely with KA, while also developing internal expertise.

Before working with KA, our client didn’t have an internal Salesforce team. KA facilitated the hiring of the company’s first internal Solution Architect while providing extensive training for team members transitioning to new roles within Salesforce. 

KA will also continue working with the company to further customize their Revenue Intelligence dashboards as well as create custom CRM Analytics dashboards for advanced revenue reporting.

Other ongoing enhancements will include improvements to product configurations and quoting capabilities in CPQ, downstream updates to the DocuSign CLM template and workflow, and refinement of Next Best Actions for identifying cross-sell opportunities.

Customer Impact

Following the successful implementation of multifaceted Salesforce solutions, our client experienced transformative outcomes across their organization.

With a consolidated sales process adopted by all product teams, our client gained unprecedented visibility into the lead-to-cash lifecycle. They now have access to valuable insights for service cases, cross-selling opportunities, renewal rates, and industry trends.

The company’s partnership with KA stands as a testament to the transformative power of integrated Salesforce solutions. By aligning technology with strategic objectives, they've not only overcome operational challenges but also positioned themselves for sustainable growth and success.

Looking Ahead

Currently engaged in their second phase of Managed Services with KA, our client continues to leverage Salesforce to propel their growth initiatives forward.

With ongoing support and collaboration, they're poised to unlock even greater potential in their journey towards industry excellence.

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