A Construction Industry Client Builds a Better Customer Experience by Unifying Data in Salesforce

With Sales Cloud and Pardot, our client can deliver personalized sales solutions and marketing campaigns.

The Challenges

Our client in the Construction Industry needed to integrate their sales systems and processes in order to increase operational efficiency and boost sales. As a company that rents forklifts and other heavy machinery, being able to access customer and sales data from a single platform was a major goal for our client.

Before working with Kelley Austin, our client was using Hubspot as their CRM. One of the main challenges for our client was that they didn’t have any data from their ERP going into Hubspot. This made it difficult to manage and track day-to-day business activities such as sales quoting, accounting, project management, and supply chain operations. Our client wasn’t able to market their products to customers based on previous purchases because the sale data was simply not available in their CRM. 

The Solution 

Our client had used Salesforce as their CRM in the past, but due to a bad implementation experience they decided to opt for Hubspot for an extended period of time. Our team was able to re-introduce our client to the Salesforce ecosystem by implementing Sales Cloud and Pardot. Sales Cloud allows our client to easily track customer data and opportunities, while Pardot provides a seamless email marketing platform. We also integrated Pardot with Sales Cloud to tie sales data to marketing campaigns. 

With Salesforce as their central database, our client’s staff can focus on winning more deals and marketing their products to customers based on accurate data and sales insights.

The second part of the project involved integrating our client’s ERP with Salesforce using Salesforce Connect. This integration allows our client to access all of the data from their ERP in Salesforce so they can improve how they sell and market their products. Salesforce Connect is a powerful tool that allows users to seamlessly access and handle data stored in external sources without leaving the native Salesforce platform.

By using Salesforce Connect, we were able to provide our client’s employees with a unified customer view on any device. Another benefit of using Salesforce Connect for this integration is that it eliminates the need for employees to switch between different systems. This not only saves staff time, but also increases productivity by allowing users to access and handle data from external sources in a single platform.

Customer Impact

Before working with our team of experts, our client was pulling customer data from multiple sources and wasn’t able to access valuable customer insights in their CRM. After implementing Sales Cloud and Pardot as well as integrating our client’s ERP with Salesforce, our client now has a 360 degree view of their customer and sales data.

Our client’s sales reps and marketing team can both work from a single platform, which allows them to provide a more tailored experience for their customers. With Salesforce as their central database, our client’s staff can focus on winning more deals and marketing their products to customers based on accurate data and sales insights. Team members can now shift their focus to providing a better customer experience and no longer have to waste time jumping around in separate systems to find the information they’re looking for. 

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