A Manufacturing Company Scales Their Business with Salesforce

Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Pardot offer automation solutions to help our client grow their business.

The Challenges

As a business that builds motors for OEM companies, our client in the Manufacturing Industry was in need of Salesforce solutions to meet the growing demands of their business and to help simplify customer engagement. Before implementing Salesforce, our client was using Hubspot as a CRM. Because our client was anticipating a rapid period of growth and production, Hubspot was no longer the right solution for managing a large amount of leads and customer data.

The Solution

To address these challenges, our team implemented Salesforce to help automate many of the business processes that were costing our client time, money, and potential customers. In Sales Cloud, our team developed solutions to help our client track products, competitors, competitor pricing, and generate quotes. Before implementing Salesforce, our client was manually entering data into Hubspot. With Sales Cloud, our client can win more deals and build deeper relationships with the businesses they work with without the need to manually enter data. 

Our team also created a custom Experience Cloud site where partners can login and track deals that are in progress. This helps to eliminate overlap in opportunities being worked on and create a smoother partner experience. Experience Cloud also allows our client to see how long deals are in the different opportunity stages so they can develop data-driven solutions to close more deals and create a seamless customer experience.

“We appreciated working with a client that is future-oriented in preparing for the unprecedented growth they are anticipating as a company. They were professional and great at communicating their needs with our team. We enjoyed implementing Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Pardot solutions for this client.” — Alex Lenox, Manager • Salesforce Core

To manage and automate communications, our team implemented Pardot. Pardot allows our client to track, measure, and optimize email campaigns with ease as well as streamline lead management. With Pardot, our client can bridge the gap between marketing and sales by creating professional email campaigns based on the right analytics and customer data.

Customer Impact

In order for our client in the Manufacturing Industry to accommodate a massive period of growth, they needed trusted Salesforce solutions to help them successfully scale their business. After implementing Sales Cloud, Pardot, and building a custom Experience Cloud site, our client has the flexibility to scale their business over time without having to pause operations or worry about gaps in data. 

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