A Roofing Equipment Provider Takes Its Business to New Heights

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud enhance the customer experience and improve field operations for a Texas-based roofing company

The Challenges

Our client in the Construction Industry came to us with a variety of challenges they faced with their Salesforce org. As a Texas-based company that sells roofing equipment to contractors nationwide and globally, our client was in need of trusted Salesforce solutions to improve their sales process, the customer experience, and field operations.

Before working with our team, our client was using Sales Cloud to provide quotes to customers in addition to a basic warranty system for roofing contractors. Their product pricing system was set up in an ERP with no system in place to sync data from their ERP to Salesforce. Employees had to manually enter pricing changes in Salesforce. This was a highly inefficient process and increased the likelihood of errors in the system. Manually entering prices into Salesforce also led to frustration among customers who would often receive inaccurate pricing and quotes. 

In addition to challenges with the quoting process, our client didn't have a system for allowing their customers to register for warranty upgrades. Our client was relying heavily on a paper-based warranty system. Warranties had to be mailed to the company's corporate office and employees had to manually enter in information. Our client needed a system to provide warranty upgrades that could give their customers the security and confidence they were looking for. 

Another challenge our client faced was an inefficient system for field techs to submit claims during roofing inspections. When a field tech was out on the job, they had to fill out a paper form and mail it into the corporate office to report any damages or requests for warranty upgrades. The process was time consuming for field techs and extended the claims process for customers. 

The Solution 

To help our client overcome these barriers to success, we helped sync data from their ERP to Salesforce. This ensures product pricing is both accurate and updated in real-time within Salesforce. We also built a custom quoting tool that allows sales reps to build and send quotes quickly and efficiently from a single system. This has led to increased confidence among our client’s customers who now trust that the quote they’ve received is accurate.

To improve the warranty process, we built a custom system in Salesforce that allows customers to purchase warranty upgrades directly from our client’s website versus having to mail in a form. Customers can choose from a variety of warranty upgrades, whereas before their only option was the initial free product warranty. The new warranty system has not only increased revenue for our client, but has also helped improve the customer experience by giving customers the option to easily purchase additional warranties on their own. These added protections ensure customers are satisfied and will continue to come back and purchase products from our client in the future. 

To improve field operations, we implemented Service Cloud for our client. Field techs can quickly submit pictures and documentation in Salesforce from a phone or tablet when they're inspecting a roof instead of having to mail in a form. These cases are then tied to accounts in Salesforce where they can be quickly processed by employees. With Service Cloud, we’ve helped our client greatly reduce the time it takes to process a claim. Our client can also generate documents with just one click instead of having to manually create each document. After implementing Service Cloud, our client has significantly improved employee productivity and can provide customers with a more seamless experience. 

Customer Impact

Before working with our team of experts, our client was using manual, paper systems and processes for handling customer quotes and warranties. They also relied on a paper system for processing claims and field techs were required to mail in tedious paperwork for each claim.

We worked closely with our client to understand their unique business challenges, pain points, and goals for transforming their business. Together, we developed Salesforce solutions to improve productivity and take our client from paper systems to a single, digital platform with Salesforce. 

After providing Sales Cloud enhancements and implementing Service Cloud, our client can easily provide quotes, track warranty upgrades, and process claims all under one roof. With the power of Salesforce, our client can provide real-time customer support, has increased their response times, and can foster long-term relationships with both customers and contractors by building trust.

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