A Roofing Equipment Provider Takes Its Business to New Heights

Improvements to Sales Cloud enhance the customer experience for this Construction Industry client.
January 19, 2022

The Challenges

Our client in the Construction Industry came to Kelley Austin with a variety of challenges they faced with their Salesforce org. As a large-scale company that sells roofing equipment to contractors nationwide and globally, our client was in need of trusted Salesforce solutions to improve the customer experience and processes for sales reps. 

Before working with our team, our client was using Sales Cloud to provide quotes to customers in addition to a basic warranty for roofing contractors. Our client’s product pricing system was set up in an ERP with no system in place to sync data from their ERP to Salesforce. This led to employees being forced to manually enter any pricing changes in Salesforce — costing the company both time and potential errors in the system. The process of manually entering prices into Salesforce was frustrating our client’s customers who were receiving inaccurate quotes on an irregular basis. Customers and sales reps alike were equally frustrated with the inefficient quoting system in place.

In addition to complications with our client’s quoting system, roofing contractors lacked the ability to allow their customers to register for warranty upgrades. The only option available for customers was to register for a free warranty online with no additional protections. Our client needed a system in place to provide warranty upgrades that could give their customers the security and confidence they were looking for.

The Solution 

To help our client overcome these barriers to success, we assisted with the process of syncing data from their ERP to Salesforce to allow for product pricing to be accurate as well as timely. We also built a custom quoting tool that allows sales reps to build and send quotes quickly and efficiently. This has led to increased confidence among our client’s customers who now trust that the quote they’ve received is accurate.

"When we first started working with the client, there was some skepticism towards the value that Salesforce was bringing to their company. Being able to build our client's confidence in Salesforce and help them solve complex issues has been extremely rewarding." — Mike Werner, Technology Consultant

To improve our client’s warranty process, we built a custom system where customers can now purchase warranty upgrades online. Customers can pick from a variety of warranty upgrades as opposed to the previous option of only having access to a free warranty that comes with the product. These added protections ensure customers are satisfied and will continue to come back and purchase additional products from our client in the future. 

Customer Impact

Before working with Kelley Austin, our client was using tedious systems and processes for dealing with customer quoting as well as providing warranties to their customers. Our team of experts was able to examine some of these challenges and provide the best solutions possible so that our client can now focus on growing their business and providing exemplary customer service.

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