A Technology Company Unites their Sales and Marketing Teams With a Single Source of Truth

With Sales Cloud and Pardot, a medical and pharmaceutical consulting company standardizes operations across their business.

The Challenges

Our client in the Technology Industry needed to integrate their separate systems into a single platform. As a company that delivers strategic consulting services to the pharmaceutical, laboratory, and medical industries, our client needed a central system that was well-equipped to handle their complex business needs. 

Our client was originally using a CRM for both their recruiting team and their sales teams. This CRM lacked the complexity needed to handle their operational processes, so they decided to make the switch to Salesforce. They were also using a separate marketing CRM that didn’t provide the automation capabilities they were looking for. 

The company had recently gone through acquisitions and being able to store combined prospect and client data under one umbrella for visibility was a challenge due to info existing in multiple domains. They needed a solution that would allow the right people to utilize Salesforce while their recruiting team could continue to use their additional CRM with the ability for everyone to work from the same contacts if needed. With the number of company employees quickly growing, our client needed a central system in place to better track their prospects, clients, and pipeline.

The Solution

On the marketing side, the process was very alien from the sales process. All of our client’s marketing operations were manual and labor intensive. On the sales side, our client was using multiple platforms and lacked a centralized location for managing data.

There was little visibility for the sales team into what the marketing team was working on, including marketing campaigns and communications. Our team implemented Sales Cloud and Pardot to allow for a seamless transition and integration of their core sales and marketing processes.

Our team was able to standardize operations across the business by getting key stakeholders from every division to have a say into how their Salesforce org was designed.

Sales Cloud allows our client to better track their leads, clients, and opportunities from a single platform, while Pardot effectively tracks our client’s marketing efforts and lifecycle from the prospect to customer journey. With Sales Cloud and Pardot, our client can automate real-time personalization across marketing, sales, and service to increase conversions and ROI.

Customer Impact

Our team was able to standardize operations across the business by getting key stakeholders from every division to have a say in how their Salesforce org was designed. Before working with our team, our client was unsure of how they wanted the final build out to look. During Discovery we were able to provide our client with guidance on the best solutions for their business and get buy-in from key leaders at the company. This allowed for consistency, scalability, and a central source of truth for the overall business.

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