Revolutionizing Roofing Sales: How Sales Cloud and Salesforce Maps Boost Business Growth

With Salesforce, our client in the Construction Industry can operate with greater efficiency, deliver superior customer experiences, and improve field services.

The Challenges

As a company that provides roofing solutions for residential, commercial, and multifamily properties across the U.S., our client in the Construction Industry needed to streamline their business processes and simplify their tech stack. Before working with Kelley Austin, our client was using multiple systems to track sales and for general operations purposes including Java, Trimble, and Quickbase. They wanted to unify their existing processes and find a CRM solution that met all of their operational, financial, and sales needs. 

After working with our client’s key stakeholders to evaluate their business processes, we developed an implementation plan for both Sales Cloud and Salesforce Maps that would address the need for a unified sales process and territory management. Our client wanted to have the ability for their CRM to be territory-based and to define territories using more accurate tools instead of relying on spreadsheets.

For this project, our goal was to help the sales team work more efficiently by providing tools to help them see relevant customer data in real time and track those interactions from within a single platform.

The Solution

To help our client eliminate many of the tech tools that were complicating their sales process, our team implemented both Sales Cloud and Salesforce Maps.

With Sales Cloud, our client can streamline lead management instead of relying on multiple tools and complicated software integrations, allowing for efficient tracking and organization of potential customers. With Sales Cloud's comprehensive contact management features, our client can maintain a centralized database of customer information, enabling sales reps to access vital details and offer personalized interactions. Sales Cloud also provides our client with valuable automation tools — including workflow and process automations — that have helped eliminate many of their manual sales tasks that were causing inefficiencies.

Salesforce Maps provides our client with sales mapping software built directly into their CRM so they can view data on a map interface to make smarter decisions and streamline field operations. With Salesforce Maps, our client can efficiently plan and optimize routes for its roofing crews, ensuring that they reach their destinations in the most time-effective manner. This reduces travel time and fuel costs, enabling our client to complete more jobs each day and increase overall productivity. Additionally, Salesforce Maps enables real-time tracking of field personnel, providing the company with better visibility into their activities and allowing for effective coordination and management.

Mobile functionality was another key component of finding the right solutions for our client. When sales reps are out in the field, they can use both Sales Cloud and Salesforce Maps on their mobile device to check in and out of locations, quickly capture visit notes, and deliver real-time visibility into field activity.

Customer Impact

Before working with Kelley Austin, our client was relying on a confusing mixture of both automated and manual work that required multiple software systems and processes. Sales reps were frustrated with jumping from platform to platform to track daily tasks and touch points with customers and our client lacked a single source of truth for customer data. 

To help our client streamline their business processes and unify systems, we implemented both Sales Cloud and Salesforce Maps. Sales Cloud allows our client to manage customer information, track leads, and streamline communication, while Salesforce Maps provides location intelligence and mapping capabilities. Now our client can operate out of a single platform that provides team members and sales reps with a holistic view of their customer data. With Salesforce, our client can operate with greater efficiency, deliver superior customer experiences, and ultimately drive growth and success in their business.

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