Salesforce CPQ Modernizes Sales Processes for a Media and Entertainment Company

With Salesforce CPQ, our client’s sales team can quickly generate accurate quotes tailored to customer needs.

The Challenges

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Media and Entertainment industry, companies often grapple with challenges in their sales process. Our client, a media company that provides high value content for a variety of industries, was not immune to these unique challenges and struggled to find the right solutions for their sales and quoting operations. 

Before working with our team, our client was using standard quoting with Sales Cloud and needed a more robust product to handle their complex quoting and pricing needs. There were significant limitations with standard quoting, particularly in terms of pricing and dealing with multiple brands. 

With different pricing structures for each brand and the need for various price books, the process became cumbersome and inefficient. The inability to sell cross-brand on a single deal and the necessity to treat each deal as a separate entity posed substantial hurdles. 

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, our client opted for a comprehensive solution – the implementation of Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and the integration of DocuSign for efficient document signing.

CPQ streamlined the quoting process for our client by centralizing product configuration, pricing, and quoting within the Salesforce platform. With CPQ, the sales team can quickly generate accurate quotes tailored to customer needs, reducing errors and ensuring consistency across quotes. 

CPQ also allows for dynamic pricing, enabling the sale of products from different brands seamlessly. This not only streamlined the pricing process, but also facilitated improved contract management and renewals.

Customer Impact

The adoption of CPQ and DocuSign significantly improved our client’s sales and quoting processes. The ability to sell diverse products from different brands on a single deal eliminated the need for multiple opportunities, enhancing efficiency and reducing complexity. CPQ also allows our client to forecast deals, providing visibility into the pipeline and facilitating better planning.

“The team at Kelley Austin has been a strong partner. We are moving fast and they are responsive and proactive when necessary. Communication is clear, concise, and on-point. They’ve been thoughtful and responsive to our needs and our users in detailed design and UAT. Looking forward to moving ahead in next-steps.” — Client Executive

The integration of DocuSign enhanced the document signing process, making it more dynamic and tailored to specific product selections. This not only improved the overall customer experience but also increased the speed and accuracy of closing deals.

Modernizing for Scalability

The implementation of CPQ and DocuSign played a pivotal role in modernizing our client’s business and making it more scalable, especially in the context of our client acquiring a separate company.

As the company aims for growth and expansion, the new and improved sales process ensures a smoother integration of new acquisitions, making the overall operation more adaptable to changes in the future.

Future Integrations

Looking ahead, our client is set to further enhance its operations by integrating billing and CRM. This additional step in modernization is expected to bring about even more efficiency within the organization.

By overcoming challenges and implementing innovative tools like Salesforce CPQ and DocuSign, our client has not only streamlined their sales process, but has also set the stage for future growth and success.

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