See How A Luxury Home Goods Business Builds Customer Loyalty

Introducing Service Cloud and Pardot improves operations for our client in the Retail & Consumer Goods Industry.

The Challenges

Our client in the Retail & Consumer Goods Industry came to Kelley Austin with several challenges they faced with their Salesforce org. As a business that sells specialty home products to businesses to sell in their display rooms, our client was in need of trusted Salesforce solutions specific to their business. In addition to improving the functionality of their Sales Cloud instance, our client wanted to provide better customer support and enhance their marketing operations. 

The Solution

Customers needed an easier way to get support, submit cases, as well as get questions answered quickly. To improve the customer experience and provide better user support, our team implemented Service Cloud. Service Cloud provides customers with a personalized and seamless experience by connecting customer data in Sales Cloud to a team of service experts. Our client can now reach customers quickly and efficiently with automated workflows and improved customer insights.

“Guiding our client’s sales and customer service staff on how to best utilize Salesforce was very exciting. They have a wonderful product and it will be rewarding to know our team played a helpful role in their growth as a company.” — Mike Werner, Technology Consultant

To improve our client’s branding presence and automate several of their marketing processes, our team also implemented Pardot. By introducing Pardot to our client’s suite of Salesforce products, our team was able to create a more cohesive marketing experience for their customers by connecting customer data to marketing initiatives. To improve the functionality of our client’s email campaigns, we introduced Pardot’s email template builder. This user-friendly drag and drop system makes it easier for team members to collaborate on emails as opposed to relying on a single designer to create every email.

Customer Impact

To help our client get their products into more showrooms, major enhancements were needed to improve their Salesforce org. By making improvements to Sales Cloud and introducing Service Cloud and Pardot to their business operations, our team was able to not only improve the customer experience, but also provide our client with a holistic view of their customers. Instead of spending extra time trying to communicate with customers and sales reps through disparate systems, our client can now easily track customer data and incorporate these valuable insights into their sales and marketing strategies with the power of Salesforce. 

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