2024 Kelley Austin Business Value Services: Set Your Salesforce Org Up for Success

Get the most out of Salesforce in 2024 with these Readiness Assessments for Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud.
January 22, 2024

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Kelley Austin is excited to share several Business Value Services to help you get the most out of your investment in Salesforce in 2024 and beyond!

Whether you’re interested in discovering the best use cases for Data Cloud or having your Service Cloud or Marketing Cloud org assessed, our team of experts is here to help. Our goal is to provide strategic guidance with your Salesforce journey — no matter where you are.

Start the New Year off right by setting your Salesforce org up for success! Reach out to our team to see how you can receive these services complimentary for a limited time or for additional help with your Salesforce org.

Data Cloud Business Value Services

With Data Cloud you can harmonize your customer data into a unified view by mapping data sources into shared data models.

On September 19, 2023, Salesforce announced that customers with Enterprise Edition or above can get started with Data Cloud at no cost. This is a great opportunity for companies to take advantage of Data Cloud to unify prospects for targeted selling or unify customers for personalized service.

Data Cloud has revolutionized the way businesses operate, equipping them with the necessary tools to tap into high-quality external data sources and transform their CRM processes by:

Data Cloud serves as the gateway to an expansive network of data providers, enhancing the potential of your Salesforce data. Its primary focus is on harmonizing disparate data from any product and system into a 360 degree view of every customer. With the ability to unify profiles, it’s much easier to offer personalized interactions for your customers.

Whether you’re interested in Data Cloud for Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, our team of experts is here to help you find the right solutions for your business. Data helps AI do its job, which is why investing in Data Cloud early on will prepare your business for future AI and GPT-powered products and services. 

Data Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our Data Cloud Readiness Assessment will require 1-hour with the team to design a Point-of-View around the Data Cloud use case as well as a 1-hour executive summary readout. 

We'll examine your existing data infrastructure and integrations, assess data cleanliness, and pinpoint distinct business challenges within Marketing, Sales, and/or Service that could be addressed through the implementation of Data Cloud.

What You Get:

We will provide your team with a 1-hour executive summary readout that includes the sample that we produce using the free version of Data Cloud. This sample will lay out the roadmap for how the company could benefit from utilizing the full version.

Marketing Cloud Business Value Services

Marketing Cloud / MC Account Engagement (Pardot) Maturity Assessment

The Marketing Cloud/Pardot Maturity Assessment is designed to provide your business with a high-level assessment focused on identifying capability gaps and opportunities to optimize your Marketing Cloud/Pardot investment.

Our team of Marketing Cloud experts will work with you to determine business outcome objectives and areas of concerns with current campaigns and email sending. The process will include a 90-minute interview with a “super-user” or SME walking our team through the processes and pain points as well as an executive summary readout at the end of the engagement. 

What You Get:

Deliverability & Hygiene Audit

The Marketing Cloud Deliverability & Hygiene Audit involves a comprehensive evaluation of the overall health and effectiveness of your company's Marketing Cloud org. Our team will evaluate your existing Marketing Cloud org configuration, deliverability, and existing hygiene methods. We’ll focus on the importance of IP reputation and good sending practices.

The process will involve two 1-hour sessions with key Marketing stakeholders on areas of concerns with current campaigns and email sending and an SME review of the following assets:

What You Get:

Marketing Cloud Connect Usage Assessment

Our team will take a deep dive into how you’re using Marketing Cloud Connect to connect with Salesforce in addition to helping you determine what features you’d like to expand on. We’ll also review your current sending solutions and provide insight into how you can further leverage MCC, such as incorporating Salesforce elements into Journeys.

The process will involve two 1-hour sessions with a combination of Marketing and Sales stakeholders.

What You Get:

Service Cloud Business Value Services

With Service GPT you can auto-generate personalized responses using real-time data sources, informed by your CRM data.

AI and GPT are top-of-mind topics for leaders, as companies that opt for late adoption may be left behind by their competitors. With Service GPT, businesses can reduce service costs by efficiently automating routine customer inquiries, providing instant and accurate responses, and streamlining support processes.

Salesforce Einstein Readiness Assessment (Service Cloud GPT)

Kelley Austin will identify your Salesforce org and teams’ preparedness to take full advantage of Salesforce’s AI technologies, and develop recommendations for a path toward readiness.

The Einstein Readiness Assessment (Service Cloud GPT) will involve a 1-2 hour SME-led demonstration of current case management processes including:

What You Get:

About Kelley Austin

Kelley Austin is a Dallas-based full-service Salesforce consultancy that helps brands and businesses drive revenue and connect with their customers through the power of Salesforce. As a Salesforce Summit Partner, their expertise spans Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, Revenue Cloud, and more.

The Kelley Austin team has successfully delivered hundreds of projects and takes pride in their diverse industry expertise. While Salesforce brings customers and companies together, Kelley Austin helps you put plans into action so you can get the most out of your investment.

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