New Einstein 1 Marketing and Commerce Products and Features Will Help Your Business Transform the Customer Journey

Explore the latest Einstein Copilot innovations for marketers and merchandisers, including Data Cloud for Commerce and Einstein Personalization.
June 13, 2024

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At Salesforce Connections — the AI learning event of the year for marketers in Chicago — Salesforce announced several exciting new Einstein Copilot features for marketers and merchants. Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot, the conversational and generative AI assistant for CRM, can answer questions, generate content, and dynamically automate actions for sales, service, and more.

Einstein Copilot stands out compared to other AI assistants because it’s built on the Einstein 1 Platform, is grounded in customer data stored in Data Cloud and is integrated with Salesforce metadata. Einstein Copilot uses this metadata to interpret a user’s prompt with full context, working with the Language Learning Model (LLM) to choose relevant fields. Most LLMs need additional context beyond just data to find the relevant field and complete the prompt.

Businesses can rest easy knowing their enterprise and customer data is safe and secure within these responses thanks to the Einstein Trust Layer that protects the confidentiality of their data.

New updates for marketing and commerce will help businesses with daily marketing and merchandising tasks, along with these latest product offerings — Einstein Personalization and Data Cloud for Commerce. Let’s take a closer look at some of these exciting new features that will help marketers and merchandisers take advantage of AI to build personalized customer experiences and drive business growth.

Einstein Copilot for Marketing

Einstein Copilot for Marketing helps companies generate marketing campaigns for targeted audiences.

With Einstein Copilot for Marketing, marketers can benefit from AI-powered tools that simplify the process of creating campaign briefs by automatically generating marketing briefs, content, and email campaigns in your brand voice. 

Use Case: A retail store could utilize Einstein Copilot for marketing to seamlessly launch a retargeting campaign. Utilizing an AI prompt, they could construct a campaign brief detailing objectives, KPIs, target audience, and content ideas for the campaign. They could then create the segment with select audience attributes, make changes to emails, and launch the campaign from a single conversational console.

Einstein Copilot for Merchants

Einstein Copilot for Merchants allows you to quickly create product descriptions with AI-powered SEO recommendations.

Einstein Copilot for Merchants helps merchandisers boost productivity and drive revenue by simplifying tasks with AI. Features include the ability to auto-generate personalized promotions, surface product insights, and provide AI-powered SEO recommendations for product descriptions and more. 

Use Case: A software company could use Einstein Copilot for Merchants to quickly generate a landing page for their latest software release utilizing natural language prompts and AI-generated product descriptions tailored for SEO. New tools allow businesses to quickly auto-generate multilingual targeted promotions based on buyer locations and previous purchases — a process that used to take weeks for developers to complete.

Data Cloud for Commerce

Data Cloud for Commerce allows you to provide your customers with personalized product recommendations, promotions, and tailored pricing all grounded in your commerce, marketing, and web engagement data.

Data Cloud for Commerce helps retailers harmonize and unify enterprise data such as product details and inventory status with customer data that can then be used across the entire customer journey for tailored experiences. AI-powered analytics and automation can help businesses make important decisions that impact revenue such as when to send an abandoned cart notification or when to discount specific products based on buyer intent. 

Use Case: A sneaker retailer could use Data Cloud for Commerce to create and activate segments of first-time shoppers who made purchases of less than $100 and send them tailored promotions to encourage a new purchase. Data Cloud for Commerce could also help the company identify top-performing products by region and available inventory.

Einstein Personalization

Einstein Personalization is a new AI-based decision engine that leverages your real-time customer data from Data Cloud to help marketers deliver campaigns that can automatically trigger next best offers and personalized content. 

Use Case: A car rental company could use Einstein Personalization to display personalized content on their website when an unknown visitor lands on a particular landing page and then visits the home page again. As this person continues to engage with the company’s content by providing an email address or name, marketers can auto-generate campaigns that include discount codes for car rentals when the prospect is most likely to engage. 

Parting Thoughts

With the introduction of Einstein Copilot, your business can leverage AI to automate and streamline complex tasks, such as creating marketing campaigns and generating SEO-optimized product descriptions.

The integration with Data Cloud ensures that these AI tools are grounded in real-time, accurate customer data, allowing for highly personalized customer experiences and more informed decision-making. The security provided by the Einstein Trust Layer ensures that your sensitive enterprise and customer data remains protected.

With the combined power of AI + Data + CRM, your business can deliver tailored experiences, drive growth, and maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly digital marketplace. Want to learn more about how you can take your business to new heights with the latest Salesforce AI products and features? Get in touch with us today and let’s chat!



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