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Customer Support expectations are the highest they’ve ever been, so it’s never been more important to have your Service and Sales teams on the same page. By using Salesforce Service Cloud, you get a 360-degree view of your customer. Integrating Service and Sales also allow you to track the ROI of a customer by not only tracking their spending with your organization but also their cost to your organization as a customer.
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Service Cloud Customer Stories

An Oil & Gas Company Transforms their Salesforce Org

A leader in the Energy & Utilities Industry grows their marketing and sales efforts with enhancements in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and more.
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See How A Commercial Titling and Registration Leader Streamlined Customer Experiences with Service Cloud

After making enhancements to Service Cloud, our client in the Technology Industry can shift their focus to driving revenue and providing a seamless customer experience.
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See How A Luxury Home Goods Business Builds Customer Loyalty

By making enhancements to Sales Cloud and implementing Service Cloud and Pardot for our client, every customer experience is now effortless.
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A Roofing Equipment Provider Takes Its Business to New Heights

A new custom quoting tool and warranty system for our client leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction.
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Meet Our Team

As the Practice Director for both Service Cloud and Field Service, Chelsea Stokes is passionate about helping our clients save time and improve productivity by eliminating manual steps.

Chelsea loves helping businesses improve their field operations with Salesforce Field Service and enhance customer care with Service Cloud. She's a big fan of seeing that 'aha' moment for a client after we've helped them solve a complex issue with Salesforce. Learn more about her story and Salesforce journey.


New Product Implementation

Whether you already have Sales Cloud and now you’re ready to implement Service Cloud, or you are brand new to the Salesforce platform, our team is ready to guide you to success.

Product Enhancements

If Service Cloud is set up, but you’re ready to take it to the next level, let our experts show you how we’ve helped others in your industry get the most out of the platform.

Data Migration

If you’re currently using Zendesk, Freshdesk, or any other Customer Service platform that you’re starting to outgrow, we can make the transition seamless.

Managed Services

After implementation, you need to have the right resources to support your team and necessary changes/enhancements. We provide dedicated resources for set hours per week based on your needs.

System Architecture

There are hundreds of ways to solve challenges with Salesforce, however, there is always a “best” way. When working with multiple Salesforce products, you need to make sure an expert guides your architecture decisions.

Call Center Integration

Salesforce Service Cloud gives you a full view of your customer, which includes the ability to integrate your call center and ensure customer support is more efficient and effective than ever before.

Implementation Repair

Whether your business experienced a bad implementation in the past or your Salesforce org is several years old and full of technical debt, we’re here to help you get back on track.


Service Cloud: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited
The Salesforce platform to manage Case Management, Work Orders, Warranties, SLA’s, and any other needs in your Service process.

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Service Cloud Voice
Connect with customers with call center integration built directly into your CRM. Provide personalized service in every phone call with easy-to-use Service Cloud Voice.

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Customer Experience/ Community
Ample Case deflection takes the burden off your support team. Having a self-service customer portal will free up your team for the support cases that need human interaction.

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Effective internal communication can greatly enhance your speed-to-close on Cases. The power of Slack with Salesforce gets your team to a quicker resolution.

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Digital Engagement
These days your customers are using multiple channels of communication, so you need to be prepared to meet them where they are at, whether that be SMS, Social or Web Chat.

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Service Cloud Einstein
Your Salesforce platform contains an abundance of data about your customers. Put that data to use with Service Cloud Einstein and receive AI-driven insights.

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Conga Composer
Generate Documents with the click of a button using the data in Salesforce and save immense amounts of time and errors.

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Conga Sign
eSignature is expected at this point, so any documents sent out by your Service team for Signature can get completed in a fraction of the time with Conga Sign.

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An easy-to-use form builder directly integrated with Salesforce is worth its weight in gold.

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Communicate how your customers want to. For many of them, that’s text messaging, and Twilio allows you to do it all right in Salesforce.

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SharinPix is the perfect app for companies that need unlimited storage space for images and the capability to add those images into documents and make them part of their workflow.

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Integrating your phone system with Salesforce allows you to serve customers faster than ever.

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Bring your Contact Center to the cloud and integrate with Salesforce. Power your agile business with unified customer and employee experiences.

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Our Expertise


Our Clients Say

“It is always nerve-racking to hire a new consultant and not know what you are getting. That being said, the clear real-world examples Kelley Austin provided made their hands-on experience and grasp of the products very clear. Once we hired them, we hired them again and again, because they DELIVER.”
— Membership Association Client